17 Dec 2014

Guess Who's A Published Author Now?!?!?

You may have seen my post about the Mystery Parcel on Sunday and this is what was inside!

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At the start of the year I entered a Short Story Writing Competition that I fell upon on the Born Free Foundation website, an brilliant international wildlife charity that works tirelessly to help animals in danger from poachers who hack the tusks off elephants while they are half alive. From being kept completely alone and isolated for 20 years in a zoo. From people dressing monkeys up like humans. From being used as 'props' for tourists to take pictures with. From being bred in farms simply to be hunted and brutally killed when they are older. From being turned into rugs on a floor. From laboratories who test beauty cosmetics on their sensitive skin. And from people who think of animals as worthless as litter- bully them because they speak in a language their brains cannot understand.

The competition needed people to write about what it means for an animal to be truly free and bring to the attention of the public some of the horrific dangers they face, both natural and human base. So I quickly wrote up a story about a Polar Bear, submitted it and thought nothing of it. And then a few months after, I got email telling me I had come runner up in my age category (I wrote a post about it here*) and that my story would be PUBLISHED in a book, with the royalties going to the Born Free Foundation!

Obviously I was over the moon as the judges, talented writers and animal enthusiasts themselves,  actually liked what I had written and thought it worthy enough to be in a book! And last Friday, after ordering 7 copies for my family a few weeks back, they finally came through the letterbox. I immediately loved it from the glossy, hand-drawn cover to the thought provoking foreword. And not forgetting that overwhelming feeling of joy when I saw my name on the content page!

It truly is a wonderful collection of stories by some very talented children- I cannot believe that a nine year old could write something as beautiful as that. And throughout each short story there is that underlying message that animals are born free and that is exactly where they should stay.

I would very much appreciate it if you could buy a copy or two, especially as the money goes to such an amazing charity. It would make a lovely Christmas present or stocking filler for anyone or even yourself and since the stories are only two or three pages long, it won't take you long to read.

You can purchase it from Amazon, WHSmith , Waterstones and many other shops. 
Let me know if you do happen to buy one,
Love Beth xx

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