23 Dec 2014

My Little Christmas Gift For You!

Earlier this week I was sent some products from Coloristiq. They are a wonderful UK based brand that offer the first ever online nail vanish rental service. Or put simply, the Netflix of the beauty world! So say goodbye to dried-up, unused and boring bottles- with this monthly subscription you will be sent three different polishes to use for nine applications (three paintings per bottle) for a month and when they are returned, the next three shades will be posted! 

"It really is like having your own nail salon at home!"

I think this is an absolutely genius idea since I am terribly guilty of buying millions of nail polishes and then a few months later finding them still sitting on my desk, unopened. Sometimes I didn't like the colour, or I realised that I had almost exactly the same shade at home already. But with Coloristiq this is never a problem! And what a lovely Christmas gift it would make. 

First up is the China Glaze I'd Melt For You* polish. This was my favourite out of the three because it's such a pretty colour that reflects the light really well and looks so Christmasy. Super easy to apply on clean nails, only needed one coat to get the finish you see above and dried within a minute or so. Plus it is one of the only colours I don't have in my collection! 5/5

I have quite a few white nail polishes at home because I always think that it's a must have colour before you start doing any form of nail art. So when the China Glaze Snow* lacquer arrived I was pretty judgemental, comparing it to my others. It was bright colour that lived up to its name but I found you need quite a lot of coats to achieve a smooth finish and therefore took a long time to dry. 3/5

 Lastly was the China Glaze Meet Me Under The Stars* a very glittery black/silver polish. It really does look like the sky at night! However it was darker than I thought it would be when applied but still very pretty and unusual. The formula was good- sheer at first but easily buildable- however a right pain in the backside to take off with nail polish remover! 4/5 

You may also be wondering what the title is about? Well as a BIG thank you to everyone for being such lovely readers of Written In Black & White, Coloristiq has kindly offer to you all the first month of their service for free when you subscribe and use the my promo code: BlackWhite1 as a little Christmas gift. And last not least, everyone who will subscribe before Christmas Day will receive the subscription for £9.99 per month throughout, instead of £14.49 each month!

So if I were you I'd better hurry over there ASAP, 
Have a very Merry Christmas and I'll be in touch soon. 

What do you think about Coloristiq? Will you subscribe?
Love Beth xx

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