13 Dec 2014

The Devilish Progession Of The Winter Cold

With everyone hyped up about Christmas and busy rushing around with last minute shopping because they want it to the 'most perfect Xmas ever', we often forget to look after ourselves. And this is especially important in winter where for some scientific reason our bodies are more prone to illnesses like flu and the dreaded common cold. It is enough to ruin anyone's day, maybe even their week. It's unattractive, embarrassing, disgusting and frankly a pain in the arse! And that pretty much sums up my week...or we can sum it up in a more honest report, after all I'm not a sugar coater:

 photo d87ad004-35ec-4831-bfcf-82c524cc38e9_zps2570c130.jpg
  • It all starts with an uncomfortable, tight throat. You know something's not right but you just think you're making too big of a deal out of the fact you have been singing in the shower too loudly again.
  • Then it becomes scratchy and you find your self struggling to swallow without your throat hurting and looking like a bit of an idiot taking tiny bites from a chocolate bar. Like who does that?
  • After a while, your voice goes and if you don't constantly talk 24 hours a day, your voice comes out really husky and manly. When did I hit male puberty eh?
  • The worst bit comes next. The nose starts to run, slowly at first and then like a tap. You can never fit enough tissues in your pockets and your organised system of clean tissues in the left pocket, used tissues in the right goes completely out the window. The noises that come out of your nose are frankly inhuman!
  • Sneezing at least 5 or 6 times in a row every 5 mins, quickly follows. But of course I have now mastered the art of silent sneezing. Fun fact: If you were to sneeze with your eyes open (they automatically close) they would both pop out of your head due to the force of the sneeze!
  • Then there's that relief of having tissue free pockets and accidentally washing your jeans with a whole wad of hidden tissue inside. Oopsy!
  • Then from all that sneezing and nose blowing, you get a rather red, sore nose which hurts to even touch. And no I'm not channelling the Rudolf spirit before you ask and yes I'm aware that my eyes have randomly started watering.

Now I'm in the last stage of the cold with ears that keep popping, a left nostril that randomly runs whenever it feels like it and a craving for chocolate because I've been cold turkey for 3 days! Throwing myself into Christmas preparations helps me to forget that I'm ill. I don't know about you but I can't just stay in bed all day.

Any tips for beating the blues and this cold? Please tell me it involves lots of film watching and tea drinking.

Speak soon,
Love Beth xx

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