21 Dec 2014

Time For Tree Troubles!

With only four days to go until Christmas the blogging world is in fall festive swing- and joy that school has finished for two week! I have absolutely loved snuggling down in bed with a mug of tea and my laptop to scroll through some Christmas posts. From some yummy food to gifts for book nerds to the true meaning of the season, my favourite blogs are alive and twinkling with Xmas spirit.

However, despite my childish excitement (who doesn't love paper chains), we left it quite late to put our Christmas tree up this year. That is because a. I didn't realise it was Christmas in 4 days and b. we were terrified that Toby would pull it down again like last year.

He is such a cute little thing that people just don't expect him to be so mischievous. More so when he was a kitten, he used to be obsessed with the tree- knocking off the ball balls to play football, chomping away at the branches and burying himself under the pile of presents beneath it. However last year, we were gathered in the living room watching a film only to be disrupted by the tabby ball of fluff launching across the room, flying through the air with outstretched paws and sticking to the side of the tree like Velcro! It was literally the funniest thing I have ever seen- although we weren't best pleased at the time since most of the decorations and presents were crushed.

But this year Toby didn't seem very interested in the whole Christmas experience, preferring to take a nap while I worked hard erecting the tree. Our old fairy lights of ten years finally stopped flashing so we had to make a quick stop at B&Q to grab some more before we began. I was Chief Ball-balls, hanging up the decorations we have had since I was a child, while my Mum demonstrated the art of wrapping lights around an artificial tree. Sorry but real ones just make too much mess!

And since Toby, who is currently eyeing me from the other side of the lounge, yawned and rolled over on his back. "Your boring me now. Nobody cares about your tree troubles". I think I will leave you now with a hearty smile and wave goodbye.

Please tell me you have tree troubles too? And that your cat is involved?
Love Beth xx

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