12 Jan 2015

10 Memories Of Primary School We All Have!

Who didn't love primary school? It was a time in my childhood that was so simple and happy. I believe the phrase "Kids will be kids" was thrown around more than a handful of times. I can't really remember my first day in reception but I have the pictures to prove that I did actually attend! Crisp white shirt, knee high socks and bunches. I can't imagine how awful it must have been for my mum letting for daughter go like that. But she didn't have worried because primary school was a blast! 

Of course there were times when I  woke up in the morning and point blank refused to even get out of bed. Or the times I faked feel ill just so I could go home. Or when in the early years, I forgot to put any knickers on in the morning...okay you didn't really need to know that! But overall my primary school experience was amazing. Everybody got on well with everybody else. There was almost no divide in friendship groups and it was considered acceptable to run after boys to snog them and gallop around the field "on a horse named Horsey". Kids are weird...

So onto my memory list (because who doesn't love a good list!?) :

-The amazing privilege of sitting on a chair in assembly in Year 6 apose to on the floor like the peasants you are now looking over.

-How holding your palm over somebodies head was an effective way to count how many boy/girlfriends they had.

-The utter excitement you felt when your teacher disappeared for a moment and reappeared wheeling in a TV set. Film time!

-Spending most of Art class covering your hand in PVA glue, letting it dry and peeling it off like..."Wow! So this is what a wax feels like?"

-Your teaching telling you about that one kid who swung on their chair and cracked their head open.

-The red-faced embarrassment when you called your teacher Mum by accident and everybody laughed.

-Getting a pen license and feeling so intelligent because you didn't have to write in pencil any more.

-Leaving your jumper on the school field and spending half of your lunch break searching Lost Property for it.

-Those annoying, why-do-you-sound-so-happy-when-it's-raining-outside songs that they forced you to sing in Assembly that you still secretly sing when nobody is around.

-And lastly! Spending the majority of your time at the refreshment table rather than dancing at the school discos because dancing wasn't cool.

Did you enjoy primary school? What are your best memories?
Love Beth x


  1. This post cracked me up so much! I'd forgotten about all of these things, tooo many funny memories :') x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. It's nice to reflect on the past sometimes- cracked me up writing it too! Xx

  2. This post definitely gave me a good laugh! Being a 6th grader was the best feeling ever as I felt like I was queen of the world. I am cracking up over the fact that you had a pen license! Oh my goodness that was so funny...I remember using my pencil incorrectly, but refusing to change (little rebel I was) xx

    Emily // ahemitsemme.blogspot.com

    1. Yep if our handwriting was good enough the teacher would give us a 'special' pen and little congratulations card! We loved it at the time because writing in pencil was so annoying.


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