10 Jan 2015

At The Movies | Why was Frozen so successful?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two years, you will have heard of Frozen. It is only the most successful Disney animated movie of all time, with the soundtrack CD staying at number one in the charts for 9 weeks compared to Beyonce who was only at the top for 3 weeks!

 I've just recently purchased Frozen on DVD but I remember seeing it in the cinema for the first time last Christmas and coming out with every song lyric embedded in my brain. Yet I was surprised to find that at the time none of my friends knew what I was talking about. However, a few months later they all came running up to me singing it's praise after going to watch it too. And two years on it's even more popular than ever before. But what has made it such a firm family favourite and why is the merchandise at the top of every little girls Birthday list?

For one thing I think everybody can relate to Elsa. Her plight, although not an ordinary occurrence, is about being fed up with trying to hide her true feelings and personality, wanting to feel free and to stop feeling so terribly guilty about the past. And I think that even if people have no experience of this, they still have that element of sympathy for her.

Disney have also given her that wonderful magic element and what girl doesn't want to be a Queen who is able to create snow with a wave of their finger.

How utterly amazing would that be?

So maybe that's why so many people around the world have welcomed her into their lives more than her sister Anna- who I originally connected with the most because I felt she was most like me. But who can deny that Elsa has some serious style going on?

The soundtrack has also become very popular indeed. I literally hear it everywhere I go and. But yet I never get bored of  'Let It Go' or 'Do You Wanna Build a Snowman'. They are such beautifully written songs and no matter how old you are, you really cannot help but bursting into song every time it comes on the radio! I hear there is now a sing-along version on DVD and that there are talks of taking Frozen to Broadway.

Also this is an era in time where social media and sites like Youtube have flourished like never before. All you have to do is type Frozen into the search bar and a million and one things will pop up from song covers to pictures to parodies. Everything and anything Frozen relate is available at your finger tips 24/7. And with so many celebrity parents jumping on the band wagon, it's no wonder this film has become so popular.

However, what I love about Frozen the most is that for the first time Disney has created a storyline where the two main characters are female- the men really aren't all that important! And it's not like those conventional fairy stories that they love, where the Princess rides off into the sunset with her handsome Prince. There is a massive plot twist at the end that I never saw coming and really it just goes to prove that you don't need a man in your life- just some sisterly love.

Abs I really hope that is the message all the little girls out there take away with them. That and a great big smile!

Have you seen Frozen? What did you think?
Love Beth xx


  1. I LOVE frozen! Completely agree with you about having two main female characters, it's definitely refreshing, especially about the love between sisters/siblings :) Although in terms of storyline it's not my favourite, the movie actually is one of my favourites just because the special close bond Elsa and Anna had when they were younger reminds me of the bond my sister and I have - so glad they were able to be close again at the end! By the way I love your new layout (I know I'm completely behind with that!) but it looks fab :) Best wishes for the new year beth! x
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    1. Aw Thank you so much and A happy new year to you too x


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