2 Jan 2015

What To Expect 2015

So. December 2014 has now gone and January 2015 has arrived, hopefully bringing with it some milder temperatures because I'm literally at the end of my tether with this coldness! I look forward to what the year has to bring. But this post is not about New Year Resolutions.It is about what you can, as lovely readers, expect to find on my blog this year. I've had a little change around and just want to run it past you first:

A Full Re-brand
The biggest thing has happened! I was beginning to get bored of my old blog design, so as you might have noticed this basic blog has taken a sharp left turn onto Professional Street. I've got a lovely new blog template curtsey of Gatto which I just adore and Written In Black & White is no more. Say hello to In The Clouds! I think this name defines my blog and me a whole lot more and is the kind of dreamy, fairytale theme I was going for. You can follow my new twitter account: @InTheCloud261

More Film & Book Reviews
This year I hope to offer more film and book reviews than ever before. They were very popular with you last year and I just love writing them- it's like reliving the film or book all over again in even more detail!

Better Photography
When I started this blog in February 2014 I didn't realise quite how important and effective good photography was. So this year I really hope to improve on quality not quantity and share some beautiful snaps with you.

I feel that sometimes I get stuck in a blogging rut and my posts become conventional and uninteresting, so for 2015 keep your eyes open for new and improved content that I really hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

More Rambles & Rants 
I really enjoy bloggers who take the time to sit down and write a really beautiful post on important topics that interests them such as feminism and issues in the media like the old rumours surrounding Zoella and her book. This is something I will be bringing to the table because I have come across a lot of issues that I would like to raise awareness about. Hopefully they won't go on for too long!

And lastly, I feel that last year everything was very muddled and unorganised. Therefore I have invested in a good old notebook and diary which will now become my best buddies, never leaving my side in case a good post idea pops up while I'm out.

Let me know what you think,
Love Beth xx

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