20 Jan 2015

What's On My Phone | Apps

My IPhone has become a big part of my life and I would be lost without it, yet I don't necessarily think that is a bad thing. I am not addicted to it. And yes actually, I could go a whole week without it but my life would not be any better because I spontaneously 'de-teched'. But I do have to admit that not having my phone would definitely affect my blog.

There are so many amazing apps out there and they can be an absolute life saver for when your busy, especially for bloggers. So if my posts put a smile on mine and other peoples faces, even for a split second, I think having such advanced phones, apose to bricks, is worth it. I still read books, I still spend time with my family, I still go out and socialise and yet I still have a phone! They really aren't as life-wasting and mind-rotting as people first think.

So if you were to get past my passcode (no I'm not about to tell you the code!) and onto my home screen, this is some of the very helpful Bloggy apps you might fall upon:

One of my favourite and most used apps is Bloglovin'. It allows readers to follow your blog and kept up to date with all your posts as well as you being able to save your best loved post. I spend most nights scrawling through my feeds and catching up on all my favourite blogs and Bloglovin really helps to organise everything- it's a must!

My newest app is Hootsuite an amazing little thing that let's you schedule tweets and posts on your social media accounts. It's so helpful because I always forget to promote a post online when it's published and this app just makes life a whole lot easier- I was starting to wonder why my traffic had suddenly gone down!

I edit most of my pictures using the Instagram filters because it so convenient to use and always produces some lovely results. I try not to go overboard and add too many filters or a photo can look too fake and unrealistic which is not the message I want my blog to give off. Often I end up turning the brightness and contrast up a little instead without the need of any filters.

I sometimes use Afterlight to edit my photos as well.

BlogEngergizer is also a really helpful app for new bloggers that delivers daily blog ideas and has suggestions about events that are happening that month such as 25th January is Clean Out Your Inbox Week while February is National Library Lover's Month! So you may well see some of these posts coming up on here soon.

What's your favourite app?
Love Beth xx 


  1. This post was super super helpful!! I Think I'll try out the schedule tweet and energiser one now :D
    Thanks x

    Alice x

    1. I literally use those apps all the time so I would definitely recommend you downloading them- PLUS they're free!

  2. Ohh, I've never heard of blog energiser - I'll have to check it out!

    Corinne x

  3. Have you got the Blogger app? Great for posting posts straight from your phone!

    Btw, I've just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Have fun ;)

  4. Well, I use Buffer to schedule tweets. Love Pocket to save articles to read later or because I loved it. Evernote to write note, list, blogpost ideas, and also to save photos, etc - so useful for bloggers!


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