27 Jan 2015

Wicked The Musical!

The weekend really couldn't come quick enough last week-I was so excited for Saturday to finally come around. Before Christmas my parents and I had booked up to travel to London to see Wicked, as part of my Christmas present, and the tickets have been sitting in on my bedroom desk for weeks.  My friends had recommend seeing Wicked so I thought "why not!", plus its always nice to spend time with your family when all you seem to be doing recently is studying in your room like a crazy woman!

It took us about an hour and a half to travel up to London but that's probably because we took several de-tours. One at Towerhill, where we stopped off at to see the empty moat at the Tower Of London, which just looked so bare compared to how it was before when ceramic poppies flowed out the windows and around the walls. The second was after we had quickly jumped onto another train to Victoria Station, where we paused at Caffé Ritazza for a slice of the most gorgeous carrot cake (but then again I think any cake is good!) and mug of tea to warm our frostbitten fingers since somebody left their new gloves at home...

Around twenty minutes before the show began we walked to the Apollo Victoria Theatre which was literally just across the road from Caffé Ritazza and the Victoria Palace, where I visited previously to see Billy Elliott The Musical for my birthday in July. The whole bar area had been lit up luminous green, casting very 'witchy' shadows across the old ceilings. And I couldn't resist buying a keyring for keepsake either before settling down in our seats for the musical to begin.

What is it about?

Everybody knows L. Frank Baum's story of The Wizard Of Oz and how Dorothy famously defeated the Wicked Witch. But we have only ever heard one side of the story. That is until Wicked appeared in theatre, telling the incredible tale of the unlikely friendship between the blonde and very popular Glinda and the misunderstood green girl, Elphaba. Their extraordinary adventures in Oz will see them fulfill their destinies as Glinda The Good and the Wicked Witch of the West. But I just loved how the directors have interlinked the two stories, one we know so well and the other we have barley heard of.  It helps to explain why Elphaba took such a disliking to Dorothy, how the scarecrow and tin man came to be and what really happened after Dorothy and the gang pour water over the witch. 

What did I think?

The main characters were just so talented- if I could sing like that, I would be singing everywhere! And of course everyone was waiting for the amazing power ballad that is 'Defying Gravity' and it did not disappoint one bit. Everybody was on their feet! The story is truly touching and is a show for people of all ages and genders. My friends were right- it was an amazing show!

Once the curtain had gone down to great applause and cheers, we existed and made our way outside only to find the whole building was now lit up green! It was truly magical and lit the way across the road, as we navigated through the old streets of London (one of my favourite things about London is seeing the contrast of old and new) trying to find a restaurant to eat in, not really caring that we got lost and just simply wondered wherever our legs seemed to take us. But you've got to hand it to my iPhone for gettting us out of the pickle and finding a Nandos. I mean who doesn't love chicken?

A few hours later, after the usual Grilled Chicken Burger with extra Pri-Pri sauce (!) we were on the train again. I've never been a massive fan of the underground, but there is just something surprising peaceful about bobbing and swaying with the rhythm of the carriage. And a bit of shut-eye was defiantly needed after such a long day.

We arrived home at 8:15pm, greeted by Toby's meow and the tinkle of his bell. Before warming up on the sofa with some hot chocolate and tray of biscuits left over from Christmas- please tell us we're not the only ones who brought too much- while catching the end of Take Me Out. That shows just cracks me up sometimes!

I'm currently contemplating the next theatre show to go and see, so if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them. 

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  1. Amazing! I've seen wicked and I think it's brilliant! Love the photos! x



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