1 Feb 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

Wow! It has been a long time since I last posted one of these. The most recent one being on 14th December  and now it's 1st February! I only meant to take a short break over the Christmas period and then I started contemplating whether or not to bring this series back as it wasn't pulling in massive amounts of traffic. But eventually I realised how much I missed documenting each week of my life, so I'M BACK. I just love the idea that this space has turned into a diary- well a very public diary at that. And anybody who reads it is a star!

-Time for tea: Recently in almost every blog post I have read, the word 'tea' or 'mug' have been mention. And I just love how this once inaccessible, solely-for-the-posh-totties drink has become so popular with everyday people. Of course, I can see why!

-Animals on TV: At the moment Tuesday nights are dedicated to watching the lovely Paul O'Grady, travel around Africa visiting animal sanctuaries, being climbed on by monkeys and getting hugs from elephants. I'm so incredibly jealous and am going to start saving up right this instant for a trip to Africa myself! Who cares about school anyway?

-Drugstore buys: After some well deserved retail therapy this week, I feel upon a little beauty in Boots. I'm really trying to up my skincare routine so I brought the Deep Cleansing Facial Mask that you apply twice a week for 3 minutes. It left my skin so smooth and clean. I just love it!

-Let it snow: On Thursdays I got my first glimpse of snow. Okay, it was barely enough to be called a sprinkle of snow, but all the same it's the first I've seen. And I was so exciting about the prospect a pulling on my wooleys and going for a walk...only for the damn stuff to melt a few hours later!

-Prom prep: At the momet I'm in the process of organising limos for our leavers Prom in July and have already ordered a few dresses to try on from ASOS and Little Mistres. All I've got left to do is book up a hair appointment and start shoe shopping!

-New stationary: And last not least you may have noticed my amazing new custom notebook in the picture above from VistaPrint. Hopfully it will help to keep me organised and on top of all this revising. Fingers crossed!

3 post I've been loving this week: Winter Time In Brussels, DIY Bookends and Fairytale Photoshoot

Love Beth xx

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  1. How exciting to be planning for prom - I wish I was back looking at limos with my friends! That picture is gorgeous, I'm sure it will be a lovely notebook!

    Sammy xo.



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