23 Feb 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

This week was my official relax-and-refresh week before I begin the long journey that is GCSE revision. We've started being given the dates for all the exams, but at the moment nothing seems to being going in my panic stricken brain- thank god for post-it notes! The last 11 years of my school life have been leading up to this moment and the thought of picking up my results on 20th August to see I've failed a subject, would be my worst nightmare. So as you can see, I defiantly needed this week to just take some time out and do something fun- rather than stressing about the 9 weeks I have left to ram in as much knowledge as I possibly can without becoming so bored that I can't function. Anyway on to my 6 smiley things, and they really are rather cheerful this week;

This Midnight Oasis Yankee Candle* is just divine! 
-Pancakes: The only day you can get away with having pancakes not only for breakfast, but for lunch and dinner as well. And nobody judges you because they're doing exactly the same! For some reason I managed to make double the required batter so I pancakes the following day as well. Who cares about the amount of Nutella I must have consumed!

-Birthday bunch: On Wednesday it was my Nan's birthday and she kindly took me out for a Harvester brunch- the most amazing invention if ever there was one. I'm not a massive lunch fan and when it comes to 12 I just can't be bothered to make myself anything other than a ham sandwich with a bit of cucumber if I'm trying to be healthy that day. As you can imagine this gets quite boring so it was lovely to have a meal out. And before she left that evening, my Nan pushed a crisp £10 note into my hand when my Grandad wasn't watching! Bless her...

-Shopping + Starbucks: The follow day me and Mum shipped my younger brother to the grandparents house, despite only recently seeing them, and went on a girly shopping trip. I much prefer food shopping at the supermarket if I'm being honest- clearly I'm not your usual blogger- so the best part of the day was our little rest stop at Starbucks. One Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino, one coffee and two Cinnamon Buns, please! 

-Photo albums: I always think it is much more special when you have your holiday pictures printed off rather than hidden in the depths of your laptop computer drive. I've been meaning to take my camera to Boots since January to get them developed, and I finally did this week! The photo quality is just beautiful and I love nothing more than curling up in bed, flicking through the album.

-EastEnders: Sorry to say it but I am a die hard Corrie fan. but surprisingly this week I have been absolutely glued to my TV watching the fall out from the Who Killed Lucy Beale storyline on EastEnders. I can't believe they left fans hanging for 10 months! And surely nobody guessed it would be Bobby? My money was on Ian- who I must quickly applaud for his amazing acting on the live episodes.

-Cinema time: To end the half term on a high, we took my brother to see Big Hero 6 at the cinema (in the smallest screen room I have even been in!) and I actually really enjoyed it! As soon as I can get my notes organised or in other words dig them out of the massive pile of paper next to my bed, a review will be coming up soon.

Did you enjoy Pancake Day? Or watch EastEnders?
Love Beth xx

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