9 Feb 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

This week was the penultimate week before the February half term. I'm really in need of a bit of TLC but every time I sit down and relax, I start thinking "I really should be revising" or "I need to wash my hair. Come to think of I can't remember the last time I did!". Then I proceed to lumber up the stairs with a bar of chocolate in one hand and cup of tea in the other, to do some work. My mind never seems to switch off- even in bed I'm thinking about the next blog post I should be writing (although that hasn't happened for a while which could be the reason for the lack of good posts and social media interaction these past few week!). I just keep repeating the mantra "Only One More Week" and trying to get a bit of work done without getting distracted by a notification or email.

Ah... so onto the more positive-ish side of of my week:

L-R: Me, Meriel & Bethan
-Sheeran: Everyday this week I have been sitting on the bus, untangling my ear phones (little buggers!) and listening to Ed Sheeran's X album. I know, I'm kind of late to jump on the band wagon but I never really believed all the reviews and recommendations that I received. Until now! I'm totally and utterly in love with his man! His songs are so beautiful- my favourite being Nina, Photograph and Runaway.

-Sad face: On Monday I received some terrible news that one of the lioness I have adopted for several years, via the Born Free Foundation, had sadly died. Ma Juah was rescued from a circus in Romania where bad diet and being kept in a small cage results in nerve and brain damage. She lived for eleven happy years in an animal sanctuary alongside another rescue lioness Achee, and although the news was so sad it made me smile to think of the all the love and attention she received while there. RIP.

-Cold nights: Even though bitter cold January is over I still feel the need to huddle under my duvet in the morning with six hot water bottles and thermal PJs on. And even then I still can't feel my feet!

-Girl's night in: On Saturday two of my best friends, Bethan and Meriel popped over to stay for the weekend. For some reason or another they have never been to my house before, so it was lovely to be able to invite them around for a sleepover. And what a lovely night it was!

-Food junkie: And can someone explain why when your friends are over, you almost always end up stuffing your face with chocolate and sweets half the night? Do boys do that? Wait...what do boys even do at sleepovers? Or are they too cool for those?

-Bowling: The follow day (or afternoon shall we say!) we went bowling just for something to do. And it turned out to be so much fun. I haven't been to the bowling ally for such a long time so I was so surprised when I kept hitting strikes. "OMFG YOU'RE SO GOOD! Are you sure your not secretly a bowling champion?" Turns out there is a sport I'm good at after all.

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Enough about me. How was your week?
Love Beth xx

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