11 Feb 2015

Book Log 2015

Last year was a massive reading year for me. I had quite a lot of spare time on my hands since it was not all consumed by studying and school as it is now. And I read so many fantastic books including the Divergent collection, The Fault In Our Stars, The Lovely Bones, My Animals and Other Family, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, The Maze Runner and My Sister's Keeper to name but a few. I know that have actually I read a lot more than that but I just can't remember and it saddens me that I can't recall so many of them. Every book I read I love, never have I come across one I didn't. So why can't I remember them all?

So to prevent this catastrophe from happening again, this year I've decided to buy a lovely little multi-coloured patchwork notebook from Tesco and use it to keep a Book Log that detail each and every book I read with the starting and ending date to match. Organisation is key and helps me to feel as though my life isn't as upside down as I sometimes lead myself to believe.

I want to be able to look back at the end of 2015 and pick out my favourite books- "Ah that was a good book wasn't it?". Also I'd love to share more reviews with you on In The Clouds, as was one of my blogging resolution this year.

So keep an eye out for my new Book Log series and throughout the year I will be updating you on the development of the log, that is if I don't lose it or forget to fill it out! Fingers crossed all the pages are filled up by 2016 and I really hope this year will be as much as a reading year as before. We shall see.

Recently I've got my hands on some lovely autobiographical books since I realised I don't read enough of them- preferring fiction. However I will read these ones and hopefully be posting some reviews very soon. But make yourself a cuppa though as my mums got to read them first and that could take a while...trust me!

*Both animal bookmarks are from The Born Free Foundation gift shop and support endangered creatures all over the world. How great is that?

Love Beth xx

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