20 Feb 2015

The Horse Boy | Rupert Issacson

So finally I bring to you the first book review of 2015! Don't get me wrong, I have had a book glued my hand every since 1st January but have just not got around to writing up my thoughts, which is way keeping a Book Log is so beneficial to me. Anyway I was in a slight reading rut after the Christmas period. Then one day I happened to be browsing through my Kindle Library to find a book called The Horse Boy recommend for me. It was unlike anything I had read before, so I paid my £3 something and got to work immediately!

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 I cannot explain how much I thoroughly enjoyed this autobiographically-type book. The author, Rurpet Issacson, is a very spiritual person with an interest in geography, tribal communities and shamans from his time in journalism. Their lifestyle attracts him and of course he can't help wondering if the medicine men and their herbal remedy bumbo-jumbo could actually cure his son Rowan, now in the very depths of autism that renders him unable to communicate, tormented by raging fits of anger and needing 24 hour care.

So on a bit of a whim Rupert, his wife and Rowan decide to travel across the deserts of Mongolia on an epic journey on horse back, visiting sacred lakes and springs, travelling up mountain to the most hostile places on earth and meeting shamans who guide the family through grueling rituals and healing processes. All in the hope that their 7 year old son will finally be able to communicate with the world, make friends but most of tell his parents that he loves them.

Rupert beautifully pens his thoughts as he explored the age old debate about whether his son's Autism is simply over diagnosed as an excuse for bad behaviour or is actually a personality trait that doesn't quite fit into society, instead of a medical condition. Most people are so seemingly unaware of disorders like this (the term taboo seems relevant here) and it is really refreshing to see an honest portrayal of it from the parent of a child, whose whole life revolves around autism and the problems that come with it.

You can also get a taste of the true power of nature: how a walk in the woods can be so calming and relaxing, while just being in the presence of an animal can put a smile on anybody's face. They may not be able to understand our language but animals clearly are not stupid, just take Besty ,the horse in the field near their home, who picks up on Rowan's condition immediately and somehow knows to be quite and gentle so not to frighten him away. The descriptions of how Rowan and the animals interact with each other is absolutely magical stuff!

Nobody would believe this book and the journey inside, had it not had "Based on a true story" scrawled across the front cover. Some parts of it may drag on for a few chapters too many and events may be slightly repetitive and predictable, but what did I expect? This isn't one of those fantasy books again- this is real life!

That reminds me, I best go and scribble this down in my Book Log before I forget!

Speak to you soon,
Love Beth xx

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