1 Mar 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

I am really tempted to start this post of with "where has February gone?" because really I have absolutely no clue, please enlighten me people. This means I am officially, whether I like it or not, in the run up to my first GCSE exam. Just over two months! But I am really trying not to mention that dreaded day too much as I want this place to be a nice, happy little blog away from the stress of everyday life. But sometimes we really can't escape that can we? Also I'm trying to decide if I should start a monthly round-up series, but my life just doesn't seem interesting enough to have something of good quality to write about. More to the point, I'm sure I would bore you to death and I can't really be bothered.  Anyway, I have a few things scribbled down in my notebook to share with you from this past week. Hope you haven't fallen asleep by the end! 

Doesn't that Cherry Bakewell Cake look scrummy ?!?!?
-NCS: Sunday night was filled with frantic phone calls to Meriel and Jane about whether they were going to complete the application form for National Citizen Service, a once in a life time chance for 15-17 year olds to take part in a action packed three weeks during the summer, where they can live away from home, learn new skills and help the local community. The idea both terrifies and excites me. But as it would look so amazing on our CV so we went for it- despite the fact I get back from holiday two days before it starts!

-Finishing touches: My mum also surprised me with the most adorable little Hanging Owl Fresheners, that make my bedroom (and underwear) smell like vanilla and/or walking into an old fashioned sweet shop.

-The Brits: On Wednesday I was over the moon that Paloma Faith won Best Female Solo Artist and that Ed Sheeran won Best Album, as I never stop listening to his X album! And who can talk about The Brits without mention poor Madge and that cape!

-Getting organised: Finally! All my revision stuff is in different coloured folders, depending on the subject, a new set of highlighters, post-it notes stuck all around my room and a proper exam timetable. How efficient am I?

-New playmate: After coming home from volunteer work Friday night, we were greeted at the door not only by our cat Toby but by his new kitten friend, who seemed to be enjoying munching on Toby's tail. No sooner had we opened the door, the kitten rushed in and did a mad sweep of the kitchen and living room before bolting back outside into the night. Then later on we found it wondering around the conservatory. having climbed in through the cat flap! 

-Spring: It is definitely in the air! From the sun that poured into my bedroom Saturday morning to the occasional little blue tit I've spotted flying around. There is no doubt about it, winter is slowly leaving us and I couldn't be happier.

What have you been up to this week?
Love Beth xx

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