15 Mar 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

You wouldn't believe how amazing it feels to be sitting in my living room with a cup of tea in reaching distance, typing away on my laptop like a mad woman. I haven't turned this baby on in weeks, but I guess blogging is a bit like riding a bike. You never forget. It just aggravates me so much to think that I simply haven't had the time to sit down and write because I've been cooped up in my room, studying for my GCSEs. My first exam is only eight weeks away so despite all the posts I have planned, revising is my priority. But when I can get a moment free, like now, I'm always here typing away. So it's no surprise that Toby is making the most of my company while it lasts, jumping up next to me and nestling into my side. But god do those whiskers' tickle like hell!

Anyway please excuse me if we don't see each other for another 7000 years but I will always be floating around on the internet some way or another. Now to the week just been:

-French exams: On Tuesday I had my Speaking & Listening English exam which is 25% of my overall grade. I'm not and will never be a natural public speaker, mostly due to the fact that I get so nervous that my hands and legs shake so much I can barely gather my thoughts to string a sentence together.

We had to go into a little room and present a five minute speech to the examiner about a topic we were passionate about, while the next five or six minutes were taken up by a Q&A session. I choose to talk about the use of wild animal body parts in traditional Chinese medicine (and hopefully I can share some of my research with you later this month). I was so happy with how it went- I literally couldn't stop grinning for a few hours afterwards! Next week we find out our grades so *fingers crossed*

-New recipes: Also this week I have taken great pleasure in finding some new baking recipes. Truth be told, I've done very little baking this year so it's great motivation to find some tasty new things to make. This includes Cinnamon Buns, Danish Apple Pies, Shortbread Biscuits and Vanilla Fudge. Mmmm! 

-Birds: Every morning when I walk to the bus stop, I am greeted without a fail by a flurry of little birds zipping in and out of the trees and bushes. It really is a lovely sight (and sound!) in the morning, especially when you would much rather be curled up in bed now rather than waiting in the cold for the bus because its late again for the trillionth time that week!

-Doing something funny for money: The second Friday 13th in a row brought with it the return of fundraising night Comic Relief. It's always a big event and that in itself just brings a tear to my eye knowing that everybody is working together to help people all over the world in difficult situations. Despite the fact we may never meet the people who our money goes to, we will still donate millions of pounds each year. And of course I had to get in on the fun and decided to paint my nails bright red for the day!

-Mother's Day: Well it is now well and truly on the move, with our sideboard covered in vases of pink and yellow flowers, piles of chocolates and heartfelt cards. I feel that I should probably use this point to tell my mum how much I love her and thank her for bringing me up all these years, but words just can't do it justice. Plus I have a feeling that she already knows!

-Reading in the car: And the best way to end a fabulous week you ask? Reading To Kill A Mocking Bird in the back of the car and watching the fields roll past you in a blur of green.

How's your week been?
Love Beth xx

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