18 Mar 2015

How I Came To Have The Best Nights Sleep Ever

Hiya! At the moment I am well and truly in the swing of studying for my up-coming exams. However the reality of working for 5 hours and coming home just to do some more work. is definitely taking it's toll on my sleep patterns. I've always been interested in Oneirology, the study of sleep and dreams. Sleeping is something all beings on our planet do, yet so little is known about it. Why do we have nightmares? Why can we never remember half of our dreams? Why do I always wake up at the same time each night? Its so interesting...trust me! But I think we forget that sleep is also about the physical elements around us, like noise or our mattresses for example. Today I've invited Paul from Cut Price Mattresses to share his thoughts on the matter:

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I was recently accepted to the University of Birmingham, and this was going to be my first time away from home. The idea frighten the hell out of me but I knew it was something I just had to do. To take some of the pressure off, my parents offered to take care of all my school supplies, including furnishing my room! My dad had tried to explain to me numerous times the importance of getting nine solid hours of sleep each night, but I never really understood what the big deal was. He told me that part of the reason I wake up each morning with neck pain isn't the way I sleep, it is the mattress that I sleep. 

Before I left for Uni he told me I should read a mattress buying guide that he'd discovered online, then he would take care of getting me the perfect one. I figured I would give this guide a quick read.

So I went to the Cut Prices Mattress blog and skim-read the mini mattress buying guide. I have always slept on a firm spring mattress, so I read the information on that style mattress and was ready to tell him we were good. However, one thing that I discovered reading that section was that they can actually be responsible for causing muscle and joint pain. The pressure of the springs cause the pressure points in the body to experience pain. So maybe this was the reason I never got a full nights sleeps and why I woke up each day with cramp in my neck.

memory foam molds to your body shape.png

The guide went on to explain that when buying a mattress you should consider this a long-term purchase. Every eight hours spent in bed is a third of your life, so why would you go for a cheap one? I've always found myself drawn to the memory foam mattresses-they way you just sink into it and can use it like a trampoline seemed to appeal to my childlike humour! 

I decided to read on, I found myself at the pocket spring section next. Now these mattresses were the best of both worlds *cue Hannah Montana theme tune anyone?* .They tended to be a little more expensive than a traditional spring mattress, but the benefits were extreme. This style mattress incorporated springs that were all individually wrapped in a fabric pocket, then the mattress padding was included. That added layer of support was exactly what I needed, and I would get the firm mattress I have come to love during my years at home. My dad knew I had spent significant time reading that guide because when he asked me which type bed I wanted, I went on and on about all the facts!

So Dad wound up getting me the pocket spring mattress, and I jumped on it the second the delivery guys left my room. Not only is it the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on, I get a solid night sleep and wake up feeling refreshed everyday for classes. You are going to be spending up to nine hours a night on your mattress, so why not get one that will benefit your body all of the time!  

Thanks Dad!

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