12 Apr 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

In the week that saw the unveiling of a life-sized milk chocolate figure of Benedict Cumberbatch and the 10th Wedding anniversary of Prince Charles and Camilla, I have been rather busy. It was the last week of the Easter holidays and despite the fact I had revision to do, I still wanted to enjoy myself. What is the point in having two weeks off school if all you are going to spend it doing school work? Here's what made my week and probably one of the best Easter holidays ever:

-Nature walks: On the last day of the back holiday we all bundled in the car and made our way to Childerditch Wood in Essex to make the most of the glorious spring weather. However we slightly underestimated the muddiness of the paths and were the only people in sight without knee-high Wellington boots!

-Bacon roll pit stops: Whenever my Nan comes over to take us shopping she always insists on buying us a bacon roll and cuppa. This time we tried out the BHS cafe and I must say their menu looked good enough to eat!

-Harry Potter mechanise: I'm not sure why but I spur-of-the-moment-type-of-purchase decided to treat myself to these dorky HP transfers and THEY CAME TODAY! *cue the rather embarrassing jig around the house*

-Southend-On-Sea: As per-usual my grandparents popped over on Friday to take us out to Southend. Its not that I don't appreciate the effort but nothing says glamour more than fish, chips and ice cream at the sea front. Still it's the thought that counts.

-Sunshine + birds: For the first time this year, the weather was finally nice enough to spend an afternoon sitting in the garden and reading. It's one of my favourite places in the world because you can just close your eyes and imagine that your somewhere topical with the amount of chirping going on in the trees. I'm not sure that I could ever be content with city life now that I've lived in such a beautiful part of England.

-Woman 2- Men 1: For centuries it's been drummed into society that men are superior to woman and despite the fact we are so called equal these days, some things are only just being accepted. For one thing the last series of The Island With Bear Grylls was 100% male orientated but thanks to public outrage woman have now been given their own island to see how long 14 ordinary females can last without the safety net of the 21st century. Then on Saturday it was the first time in more than 150 years that the Woman's Boat Race was held on the same day and course as the men's race! All that is left now is for there to be a separate Grand National Race for woman...

See you the same time next week,
Love Beth xx 

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