19 Apr 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

So I'm sitting here with an absolute thumping headache because my brother is playing one of those stupid computer game at an exceptionally loud volume probably to just annoy me and my dad is watching the F1 racing at an exceptionally loud volume probably because he is as deaf as his mother! My day is not going too well to say the least. I feel worthless and ugly and just like I want to curl up in bed and stay there forever so no one can see me again. Whoever said being young is be one of the best times of your life has clearly never experienced being a teenager, because let me tell you it sucks. It sucks a lot. Maybe I'll go into detail a bit more about how suckable (is that word?) teenage life is in another post, but before that we should probably get to the point of this post. And the point of this post was to share with you how wonderful my week has been and to bloody well cheer myself up. Here goes nothing:

-Catching up: So this week was the first week back after Easter and it was surprisingly easy to get up at 6:30am on Monday morning and catch the bus without any drama what so ever. No missed alarm calls, no spending too long showering in the heavenly warm water. no running down the road after the bus like a headless chicken...nothing! And I must admit it was lovely to catch up with everyone. Who doesn't want to feel missed?

-Mock exams: This is a strange one to add to my smiley list, I know. But there is something so relaxing and better-than-sitting-in-class-bored-out-your-mind about a mock exam (not the revision bit obvs!) For an hour and 45 mins it was completely silent around me because everyone who busy concentrating on their work and not on my terrible skin!

-Slippers: There is nothing better than slipping your cold tootsies into a new pair of slippers, especially when they are a) dirt cheap b) fluffy and c) have a MASSIVE Mickey Mouse head stuck to the front.

-Popular posts: I was over the moon this week to receive such an amazing reaction to this book review on Twitter. I even received a personal message from the author's twitter account! Thank you to everyone who read it and boasted my traffic colossally!

-BTG: How could this post be complete without a mention for the one and only Britain's Got Talent? My favorite show is back, bigger and better than ever. I shall be expecting great things.

-My brother's birthday: To round off the week, Saturday saw my brother's 11th birthday and as is the usual tradition we went out for lovely family meal after going to the cinema to see Mall Cops 2- his choice not mine!  The very smiley selfie above is my attempt at the-I-am-off-to-enjoy-myself-suckers face. What'd think?

Ah that's more like it, 
Love Beth xx

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