7 Apr 2015

Snapshots From Easter 2015!

Recently I've realised that while I am pre-occupied offline (and yes, I am talking about GCSEs which seem to have become the Voldemort of the blogosphere) In The Clouds has become more of a diary than a blog. For that, lovely people, I am very sorry since I doubt you really enjoy reading endless 6 Things posts, but it is just a little reminder that I haven't completely forgotten you. And I promise that things will get better in the summer- my brain feels like it's about to explode with all the new ideas I have whirring around inside.

In the meantime I put together a selection of photos I took during the Easter period for you to enjoy. My last Snapshots From post was way back at Christmas and I do think it's a wonderful post to create because now I have all these memories floating about on the inter-web. This is my blog's 2nd Easter (why hasn't anybody written a song for an occasion like this?) and although I look back and see that I was very active during this period last year, I have to take into account that I wasn't spending my days hunched over a desk, studying then. You can take a trip down memory lane here:

-Easter Nails
-A Walk In The Bluebell Fields
-DIY Painted Eggs

Hope you all had a good Easter,
Love Beth xx

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