14 Apr 2015

The C-word | Lisa Lynch

"The last thing Lisa Lynch had expected to put on her ‘things to do before you’re 30’ list was beating breast cancer, but them’s the breaks. So with her life on hold, and her mind close to capacity with unspoken fears, questions and emotions, she turned to her Mac and started blogging about the frustrating, life-altering, sheer pain-in-the-arse inconvenience of getting breast cancer at 28. The C-Word is an unflinchingly honest and darkly humorous account of Lisa’s battle with The Bullshit, as she came to call it. From the good days when she could almost pretend it wasn’t happening, to the bad days, when she couldn’t bear to wake up, Lisa’s story is emotional, heartbreaking and often hilarious"

I first heard about this book when an old friend of my mum's mentioned that her sister-in-law had written a book after being diagnosed with breast cancer. It look me so long to get around to order myself a copy that I've only just started reading it now, Naughty, naughty Bethany! But I'm glad I left it until I had a little more time because I simply couldn't stop reading it. Lisa is an amazing writer and the fact that she is also a blogger just makes her story hit home even more- that this awful disease could affect anyone of us at any moment. 

Her story is both laugh-out-loud funny and weep-into-your-tissue sad (I admit I cried a ton of big fat ugly tears when reading this blog post!) yet it is one of the most uplifting and inspiring books you will ever read about cancer. No detail is too small or disgusting to write about from itchy wigs to bright red pee, attractive receptionists to hyper kittens. It's all in a days work for Lisa. 

I guess the moral of the story is that having breast cancer is as about as shit as it sounds, but there are some upsides. Also you never really 'beat' cancer or 'get the all clear', it just so happens you had the type that was curable and your medical team work damn hard to cure it. But there is always a possibility it can return with vengeance and I suppose you can never really get rid of that black clouds it casts over your life, only occasionally beckoning the sun through the gaps. And sometimes all you really need is a bit of love and...maybe the middle finger from your sibling to cheer you up! 

I  was absolutely over the moon yesterday to read this article and find out that one of my favorite actresses Sheridan Smith will be playing Lisa in a brand new BBC drama later this year based on The C-word! I'm sure Lisa would be as excited, if not more at this news wherever she is now. And I guess, in the end,The Bullshit never really got her because she gave it bloody hell! 

You can read her blog, Alright Tit, here
And more about Lisa here

My thoughts are with P, the Macs, the Lynch clan and anyone who knew and loved Lisa.  

Love Beth xx

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