10 May 2015

Class of 2010 - 2015

So Friday was our school leavers day! After being at this place for five long years, 5 days a week, we were finally saying goodbye before we moved on to further education.

With the background music of Taio Cruz's Dynamite and Olly Murs's Please Don't Let Me Go (the songs that were number one when we joined as innocent, little 10 year olds!) we spent the day aimlessly wandering around attempting to fill in all the white space on our shirts with messages because god forbid if there wasn't a badly written "Good Luck" or "Miss you" scribbled in the corner somewhere from a person you haven't even spoken to before! But that's what this days was all about- one big massive popularity contest. Who could get the most colourful shirt competition or who can take the most selfies award?

Still I manage to have a few minutes were I thought "Aw I will miss this place" but really I won't miss it because I'm back in September at the 6th form. Sadly the same cannot be said for many of closet friends so instead I will miss walking into school to the smiling faces of people who genuinely enjoy my company, the big ugly laughing fits we have over nothing and all the 5 years worth of memories I will cherish forever. School is nothing if you don't have a good set of friends and I truly do have that....even if they piss me off sometimes!

So from this day I will not cherish this shirt I am wearing or the lovely messages written on it- but the friends I made here, who I never ever thought I would and the pictures that will be lovingly stuck in a photo album to look back at in years to come.

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I make this promise now to myself, to you, to anyone who is reading: That I will not forget these beautiful people or lose touch with them, otherwise these past few years will have been a complete and utter waste of my time. I promise that I will meet up with them as much as humanly possible and in a few years time I will still be able to call them friends.

It's amazing how much I care for these bunch of girls and even though today was a bit of a disaster, at least we still have this wonderful video (see me at 4:24 on the left!):

Love Beth xx
P.s 1 exam down, 17 to go!

4 May 2015

See You On The Other Side!

Right now I just feel as though I'm failing at everything. My whole body feels like it working so hard, yet there is that constant nagging thought in the back of my mind that's telling me all of the hours spending revising were for nothing. That I'm going to fail all my exams and not get enough points in order to go to 6th form.

This is just too much bloody pressure for a 15 year old girl to deal with and I cannot wait for the torture to end.

I say role on the warm summer days, the uniform-hanging-up-in-the-cupboard days and the days when I can have a lay in and not feel guilty that I should be doing something else. I want to be able to sit down a watch a good film, have a shower without rushing to get back to my desk, spend time with my family without clock watching constantly and most of all getting back to blogging. I hate how I have been torn away from here- neglected you all. I mean when was the last time I took part in a Twitter chat? But there is no way on earth I can keep it up while I'm running around like a headless chicken. And I miss it but I promise I will be back soon!

The only thing that is getting me through each day, putting a stop to my flow of frustrated and angry and emotionally drained tears, is the thought that on the 18th June I will be finished for three long, glorious months! That means no exams. No school. Nothing. Just me, the TV and as much chocolate as I can eat. Gods knows that is all I want right now! It's not much to ask really is it?

I know this sounds so dramatic and whingey and it's just unfortunate that you have to sit and read it.

I'll end this little rant by thanking you for all your support these past fews months and for sticking by In The Clouds even though it's been pretty quite around here lately and the content I do manage to write up has been rather...unimaginative and dull!

I cannot quite believe that tomorrow I will be sitting my very first GCSE exam. I remember starting senior school and thinking (as well as crying pretty much every morning for the first couple of months) how far away those exams were- 5 years! It seemed like an absolute age then but now it's all gone so incredibly quickly. Soon I will be going into secondary education and everyone will be leaving me for college and other 6th forms, and I can't help but think of how many wonderful memories and friends I have made at this god forsaken place. Just a load of bricks, yet it seems so much more.

Part of me wants the exams over and done with, but the other half knows that after the 18th June nothing will ever be the same again. For that I am sad and as much as I bang on about hating school and being a teenager, I will dearly miss that part of my life. Strange eh?

See you on the other side!
Love Beth xx

3 May 2015

Les Miserable

Since going to the Cliffs Pavilion to see Starlight Express a few years ago, I have definitely caught the West End bug and have now seen five amazing shows! The fifth show that I went to see last Thursday at the Queen's Theatre was Les Miserable. Having previously seen the all-star film adaptation (and really enjoying it after I got past the fact that none of the characters were actually going to talk but instead were intent on singing every single line!) my friend, Meriel, and I could not resist the cheap tickets on offer. Since we were going in a big group, we got them almost half price!

What's it about?

Set against the backdrop of the 19th century French Revolution, Les Miserable tells of the story of Jean Valjean, an ex-convict who breaks parole and gives his life to God. He is hunted for decades by policeman Javert but still manages to make a successful career as a good, honest factory owner. When Valjean agrees to care for factory worker Fantine's daughter, Cosette, after she dies, his life chances forever but he still remains determined that no one, not even the little girl, will ever find out about his past. 

"It tells an enthralling story of broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption– a timeless testament to the survival of the human spirit. Featuring the songs “I Dreamed A Dream”, “Bring Him Home”, “One Day More” and “On My Own” – Les Misérables is the show of shows."

What did I think?

The theatre was absolutely beautiful with plush red seats and stunning architecture, as most of the London theatres are. Our seats were right in the middle of the Dress Circle so we were center stage of the action going on a couple meters in front of us. I was utterly spelled bound by the end of the first Act, completely lost in the magic of the songs and amazed at how this seemingly complex story line, that moves through time, could be reproduced so beautiful on such a small stage.

After a while my legs did begin to ache and go stiff from sitting down for so long, so the 15 minute interval did come as a relief. It was just about enough time to have a snoop over the edge of the Dress Circle, wave at the people sitting in the stalls and buy myself one of those cute little pots of ice cream with a flat spoon that is about as useful as an umbrella in a rain forest!

The second half was just as good, possible even better. And I defiantly suggest you grab yourself a box (or two!) of tissues during the interval as well because unless you have a heart of stone, you will be needing them by the end! My attempt at silent crying did win me an Oscar to say the least...*cringey face*

My favorite character has to be a toss up between Thenardier and his wife who made me cry with laughter at some points, especially during their song, or the beautiful Eponine, played by none other than youtuber and Tom from McFly's sister, Carrie Hope Fletcher!

 As soon as I got home that day, I switched on my phone, download the entire soundtrack and have been listening to it ever since! It's probably fair to say I am now completely and utterly addicted to it..."Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men?"

Have you seen the show before? 
Love Beth xx

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