22 Jun 2015

End of exams + beach breaks

Hello everyone! You may have noticed that I've been away for a while but when your knee deep in revision for 18 exams, highlighters and stress, blogging is the last thing on your mind. However I'm back now with hundreds of post ideas that have been whizzing around my brain at night for the past few months and driving me insane. Best of all though is that I'm finally free, a day I never thought would come. This whole year has basically been dedicated to my studies so I can't wait to get a break from it all. But I tell you what if I don't get good grades, somebody is gunna get hurt!

I have lost count of the amount of times I spent crying over a simple maths problem and feeling like a complete and utter failer. GCSEs create such an insane amount of pressure for young people that I am surprised that any of us manages to get through the other side smiling. But we do. I did!

Still that does not make me forget about how much worse this whole experience was than what I expected: the endless hours spent revising, the guilt when I went out and didn't revise for the whole day, the stress of having 18 exams all on top of each other with barely any room to breathe, the weather getting warming but not being able to enjoy it, people speaking of throwing up from nerves and one boy flat out fainting in one of my exams with him, the whole table and the chair scattered across the floor with an almighty bang that I thought the ceiling was going to fall down on us and actually thought for a moment 'thank fuck for that, at least that's 6 less exams I have endure!' I mean how terrible is that!

As you can imagine I'm over the moon that I never have to do anything like that again because I think if it had gone on much longer I would have had a breakdown, no lie or exaggeration people! GCSEs are evil and I can't help feeling extremely sympathetic for the people who have to go and do the same thing next year. Good luck 'cos you're gunna need it!

The whole time I spent studying, I was thinking about this day. And now it has finally come bringing with it three months worth of sleep, blogging, book reading and film watching. Plus I've just come back from a long weekend away with my friends to one of their beach holiday homes in Frinton. So the last few days have been spent walking along the sand. paddling in the water, watching the sun set, eating gloriously creamy ice cream, having BBQs in the sun and wearing my first pair of shorts this year! There was hardly anyone there and with the beach just a short distance from our house, we spent almost every minute of the day there. Just letting the sea breeze take all our cares and worries away about Results Day and celebrating the end of exams in style. Just look how beautiful it is there and how summery we look below!

Please ignore my pale legs compared to the others!

Right now life does not get much better than this and I cannot wait to see what I will get up to next. However, with all this free time on my hands, I can only assume that you will be seeing a bit more of me than you did before. And that is completely okay because I'M FREEEEEE!

Love Beth xx


  1. OH I REMEMBER HOW BAD GCSEs were (I took the O levels which are kinda the same thing!) Congratulations on your liberation! 18 exams i probably one of the most you'll ever have to take, but well done on finishing it!
    I hope you do really well :) You all look so happy by the beach. You totally deserve to be after working so hard for GCSEs.

    x Carina
    Running White Horses | Travel & Fashion

    1. That bit about 'liberation' made me crack up! It truly does feel wonderful so thank you for your comment x

  2. I remember GCSE days!! Stressing over revision when really you don't need to! But that day when you're finally done with the exams is fantastic! (That is unless you have a car crash like I did! Not a bad one but still kinda brings you down!) Have fun over the summer!

    1. OMG! A car crash? I hope is was nothing too serious but still what a bummer when you've just finished all yours exams and end up getting hurt soon after. My last exam was quite uneventful thankfully!

  3. Exams are stressful! Hope you enjoy your summer, you deserve some relaxation!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams


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