12 Jul 2015

25 Things You Don't Know About Me!

One of my biggest fears when I started blogging was that I would end up in the rubbish pile because I was a blog without a face. Yes, the number one priority here is to share my writing and my world with the big, wide world out there but I don't want to be an anonymous writer who you can't put a face to. I want you lot to know who I am, inside and out, so I thought I would put a few facts up about myself that you may or may not be interested to hear. I don't pretend to have a very interesting or glamorous life and these things listed below probably won't blow your socks off, but it's still good stuff. I hope. And I also hope you will take the time afterwards to tell me three facts about yourself because I want to get to know you all better as well!

Here goes nothing: 

1. I've got a hole in my left knuckle and sometimes (just for the lols) I go up to people and ask them if they 'want to feel my hole'.

2. I'm a Slytherine and proud. Gryffindor is overrated anyway.

3. I'm actually extremely spiritual and believe in totem animals that act as your spirit guides- originally a Native American idea. My totem animal is the Porcupine.

4. My favourite Disney film is The Little Mermaid because my childhood goal was to be a mermaid.

5. I'm desperate to learn another language but hated french lessons at school with a passion...

6. I have a massive fear of flying so haven't been on a plane for over 10 years which is a bit depressing really when I see all these bloggers jet setting around the globe and there me like 'Oh I'm just off the Cornwall for a week'

7. I'm a history buff and practically stalk the Royal family.

8. If I had a super power I would want to be able to control time, freeze it, rewind, fast forward...the lot. It just wouldn't go as tits up as the film Click!

9. I'm scared of rollercoaster, heights and being burgled. Every blow of the wind, click of the fridge I jump at. It's ridiculous!

10. My ultimate dream would be to have a room in my house that could act as one of those old fashioned libraries with books lining the walls and one of those brown chairs in the center. Ah imagine that eh?

11. I wouldn't let me friends and family read my blog even if they wanted to.

12. I've had a handful of fish, two beautiful guinea pigs and two cats.

13. I take my current cat, Toby, for walks (no lead or anything- he just trots along side you, enjoying life!)

14. I don't think I ever will get my ears pierced but I'd love a small tattoo.

15. I've eaten snails, ostrich and kangaroo. Kangaroo was the best!

16. I'm an absolute worry guts and nervous wreak most of the time.

17. I want to study to be a primary teacher since I just adore children- they're so much easier to get along with!

18. My spelling is pretty atrocious so thank fuck for spell check!

19. I have really long toes and like to joke that I could play with piano with them.

20. Singing in the shower feels amazing and is the pretty much the only thing I get out of bed for of a morning.

21. My favourite book is The Kite Runner while my favourite film is a toss up between Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban, Les Miserable and The Host.

22. Popcorn and chocolate together please my stomach.

23. There is nothing better than sitting in my garden on a summers day reading to my hearts content.

24. This song is the top of my 25 most played songs on my phone, while this is currently my jam!

25. I love little nic nac ornaments but they are a bloody pain the dust!

Your turn! 
Love Beth xx

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