5 Jul 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

Ah July! I welcome you with open arms. Not only is July my favorite month because it's a certain somebody's birthday on the 31st *hint, hint* but it is the so called summer month. That means lots of hours spent sunbathing in the garden, BBQs and best of all...water fights! So far the weather has not disappointed, although with the jam packed week I've had, it's made it very difficult to be anything but lazy. My poor body is just not used to such heat but still it has struggled on this week and for good reason:

-6th form induction: It seems like an age ago now but Monday and Tuesday were the dates schedule on my calendar for a two day long taster session of 6th form life. And what a wonderful life it was! Hard work and complicated yes, but a lot more relaxed than what I've been used to. Plus there was the added bonus of being able to wear whatever the fuck I like...okay smart/office wear was what they said but still NO UNIFORM BABY!

-Prom: Then shortly after that on the Thursday was my school Prom. The last time everyone would all get together, celebrating the last five years of our lives with about a million photographs of us all, a two course meal that was pretty much as yuck as my first year at high school, a laugh out loud award ceremony then music and dancing until late into the night. I hated the whole getting ready bit because no one really wants to stare at themselves in a mirror for 3 hours while they get their hair and make up done, but once I arrived at my friend, Bethan's, house to pick up the limo, I couldn't contain my excitement. And her mum who is normally like 'You don't need boys and alcohol to have a good time' gave us a glass of wine and invited a group of male specimen into her house! A fab way to end a brilliant few years at school with my closest friends.

-Question Time: Why is sleeping on a rather uncomfortable futon with the most pathetic and thinnest excuse for a pillow in the middle of your friend's kitchen, so much better than sleeping at home? This was the question going through my head as I slept next to three of my best friends the evening after prom.

-Home is where the heart is: I love my little house. I love how you sink into my memory foam mattress at night. I love the sound the stairs make when you climb them. I love the cosyness of the sofa when you're watching TV. I love sitting in the garden and reading. I love having cuddles with Toby in his little cat basket. I love all the memories I have here. And I couldn't think of anywhere better to live.

-Rain: To quote Taylor Swift 'There's something about the way the street looks when it's just rain'  and it is true. It just looks magical and refreshing, which is what happened after the night time thunderstorm we had last night.

-Not being a John Green virgin anymore: My first book, as with most people. was The Fault In Our Stars, my second was Paper Towns and now I've just finished Will Grayson,Will Grayson which was my fav out of the three. Expect a review soon!

So fill me in your week,
Love Beth xx


  1. What a lovely post! I miss sixth form but it's nice to be able to experience more of life :) Also, I love the rain!

    Pop over to my blog!


    1. Thanks for your comment lovely, will pop on over sometime I promise xx

  2. This is a lovely post! Oh, my prom seems like so long ago now, you are making me feel old! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. Ah! Its just an event that everyone seems to remember which I why I chose to include it here. Hope to see you around more often x

  3. You look lovely in your prom dress! We didn't have a prom when I left school - it was something that started after we left. Wasn't the thunderstorm fab?!


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