13 Jul 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

Hi all, how are we?

I'll start this post of my apologising for it's lateness but when you are writing a lifestyle blog, life is bound in get in the way sometimes. and that is okay. This week was one of those good old weeks where you do a few things each day so you don't get bored but it turns out that you didn't actually do as much as you thought you did. But who cares, let's just class this as my week off shall we? Besides we can't be superwoman all of the time. Theses are the most interesting (okay. maybe they aren't that interesting!) things I got up to this week: 

Quiz brain over here: It's not often you will find me complimenting myself here but at the start of the week I was on fire with answering these TV quiz show questions. There is just something about getting the answer right that fills you with smugness and makes you feel super intelligent...until they say 'What was signed to bring to an end to WW1'  and you say: Magna Carter! 

Purple Nails: I spoke about how to add some creativity into your life here and decided to take my own advice by giving my nails a splash of  OPI Grape Fit. Raise your hand if you hate bloggers who give advice they don't believe in *raises hand* 

Getting locked outside: As always my lovely relaxing week cannot go without a blip because you see on Thursday while watered the plants in the window box (I know I'm turning into an old woman!) a big gust of wind came and blew the front door shut. Without keys or any means to get into the house I had to sit outside like an absolute doughnut until somebody could come and open the door for me!

The Book Thief: Thanks to the great and all mighty Now TV subscription I spent one afternoon sipping tea and watching this amazing film. By the end I was crying buckets and immediately went online to order the book. If you haven't already seen it, you better get watching! 

Home alone: Over the weekend I went away for a few days which meant having to leave Toby on his own. I know cats are a lot more independent than dogs but it still broke my heart seeing him hiding in my suitcase (because he's bloody nosy!) and knowing he couldn't come with me. When I got back he didn't leave my side for the next few days and all I wanted to do was keep squeezing him! I mean how can you resist that little face? 

Show time: I also got the chance this week to pop down to my old school and watch a play called Shakespeare Rocks. My brother had one of the lead roles so it was so nice to see him coming out of his shell up there on stage. 

Love Beth xx


  1. Omg The Book Thief is one of my favourite films! It's so underused and beautiful cinematography and acting, I was sobbing by the end of the film so much! The book I think is better but the film is an amazing adaption xx

    1. I haven't read the book yet but I always think that they are ten times better than the film.

  2. Yes, The Book Thief is a great film!

    I probably wouldn't have made the effort to see it as generally speaking it's not my type of film but my boyfriend had read the book and was absolutely raving about it (which was another surprise as pretty sure he only read it in the first place as it was set in the war and he enjoys that era).

    So glad I did, can't recommend it enough.

    1. Sometimes it is good to get out of your comfort zone by reading books and watching films that aren't necessarily the normal type you would pick. You never you might surprise yourself


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