29 Jul 2015

Guest Post: Stila Eye Palette

Hi all. This week I am away on holiday with my friend, Jane, and the follow three weeks after I am busy completing the summer National Citizen Service  programme. Maybe you've heard of it or maybe you are even doing it! Let me know and make sure you keep up with my antics on Instagram, Twitter and Snap chat: dale_beth. In the meantime, I have asked a group of lovely girls from all corners of the blogosphere to help fill the space on In The Clouds while I am away. The first blogger we are meeting today is Nia from Nia Elinor Mair who has kindly offered to add a touch of beauty to this blog:  

Hi All! This palette from Stila is something I have coveted for a long time due to two Youtubers singing its praises all too frequently. Louise and Zoe used to talk about this 10 shade palette all the time in their 2013 and 2014 vlogs and, ever since, I couldn't get it out of my mind. I finally bought it around 4 months ago from Marks and Spencer (who knew their beauty range was so perfect, by the way?) and I have used so often!

I really adore this product and for £25 you get 10 buttery shades and a Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Damsel which I have been silly enough to lose - I lose eyeliner like it's a game, it's ridiculous! This palette is great value for money because the eyeliner is worth £13 in itself, making it only £1.20 per eyeshadow!

Out of the 10 shades, 4 of them are matte: bare, bliss, sandstone and ebony and all of these are shades I would use for crease-wear regularly. The remaining 6 are utterly stunning shimmers. Kitten is an ideal inner corner highlight and I love using sunset in the outer corner before blending into the crease. All of the shimmer shadows have creamy consistencies and the glitter particles aren't huge compared to some found in other palettes of a lower quality. The matte shades are velvety and smooth and make defining your eyes as simple as anything and the pigmentation is perfect; ebony is the blackest black I have ever, ever used! My personal favourites are kitten, sunset, sandstone and bubbly because I'm very much a fan of golden goddess looking smokey eyes! There's only one shade in this palette that I'm actually stuggling to use and that's nightsky, purely because I really don't think blue colours suit me at all but maybe I'll be a bit adventurous this summer!

If you've never tried this palette before then I would definitely recommend you check it out. They're available in Marks and Spencer, some Boots stores and from some online shops like ASOS and feelunique! 

I hope readers of In The Clouds enjoyed this post, you can catch more of me over at my blog, if you fancy a peek! Make sure you're following me on bloglovintwitter & instagram too!

What's your favourite eye shadow palette?

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