2 Aug 2015

A Holiday and An Eventful 16th Birthday

I was thinking of doing a 6 Things posts as I have been behind on them recently but I just don't have time, so this is a quick spur-of-the-moment type life update to say that yes, I have been away but no, I haven't forgotten about you lot one bit.

Yesterday I got back from holiday with my friend Jane and her family after spending a fun packed week in Norfolk, exploring the coastline (just look how beautiful it is!) and gift shops while attempting not to spend all my money in one go and listening to stories courtesy of Jane's 80-year-old Grandmother. It was such a refreshing break from normal every day life and I definitely ate double my weight in food thanks to THAT American Diner! But who cares, I was on holiday after all. The only problem was that I had no internet connection for the whole week and now have a million and one blog posts to catch up on. I always say to people that even though I am a blogger. I not addicted to my phone and could happily live without it. However, sometimes I wonder if maybe that isn't the case and that is a slightly scary thought.

We also had a rather eventful last day on Friday not just because it was finally my 16th birthday (and that is a scary age!) but because a lovely local fish and chip shop caught alight right in front of us, forcing us to camp out in the street for 3 hours until the firefighters got the blaze under control! It was like a real life episode of Coronation Street, with a mad bingo-winged-woman shouting that "it was gunna blow". An experience like that really does show you how powerful the force of nature can be and makes for a rather memorable birthday indeed.

As I was away for my 16th, my family decided it was only right that we celebrated together the following day which meant I basically got two birthdays like the Queen. Because I'm THAT amazing! I got the most beautiful Pandora ring, tickets to see The Lion King at the Lycrm Theathre in London because who doesn't love Disney, the complete Harry Potter book collection, a bookcase to display them in rather than having to pile up all my books on my draws like I did previously and much more. I even got a birthday cake like I did when I was a kid once we got back from dinner at The Kings Head.

At the moment I'm in between packing for NCS, having just unpacked from holiday and washed all my clothes in the space of a few hours like a mad woman! Quite a few people were surprised to hear that I was doing NCS as camping and anything adventurous that involves heights (I'm talking about you rock climbing!) are my worse nightmare. I think I must have been slightly intoxicated when I agree to do it but the prospect of spending three weeks with a group of my close friends and gaining experience for my CV for only £20 was too good an opportunity to be missed. So there I'm not entirely stupid and anyway it's good to get outside of your comfort zone sometimes. Even if it is slightly daunting!

I hope you enjoyed the last Guest blogger who featured here and are looking forward to meeting some new bloggers as the weeks go on. Just so you know I'm not currently accepting anymore guest writers but if you leave your email I can contact you for future help.

Wish me luck,
Love Beth x


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, I hope you enjoyed! That's a pretty Pandora ring. I remember when I turned 16, that was almost 8 years ago. Now that I'm thinking about it that's scary. Not that you need advice, but I would just say enjoy being young!


  2. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a fab holiday and a fab birthday - setting the world on fire alright! ;) Must've been quite scary though! Lovely ring by the way, Some real nice stuff in Pandora.


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