24 Aug 2015

Go Set A Watchman | Harper Lee

You know when a new book is about to be published and you literally sit there all day like an over excited Labrador puppy googling article upon article about it and sneak peak extracts? Yeah, well that was me the week before Go Set A Watchman was published. You'd have thought I'd suddenly  received my letter from Hogwarts that had mysteriously got lost in the post for the past three years or something!

Instead it was the excitement at the prospect of finally, after fifty five years, having more words from Harper Lee and a chance to find out what really happened to all those wonderful characters once I closed the last page of To Kill A Mockingbird.

This book is set twenty years after the events of TKAMB, showing a much maturer Jean Louise Finch as she returns home to Southern American from the hustle and bustle of New York to visit her elderly father. But she gets a lot more than she bargained for as she soon learns how much her beloved hometown and close-knit family has changed, for the world keeps turnings no matter where you are in it. The book beautifully captures the painful transition of growing up and accepting that ones childhood is well and truly over.

Now, there was a lot of controversy surrounding this novel about the 88-year-olds health and the extent to which she was actually involved in publishing this book having written it as a first draft many years ago. But looking past that it did served as a very insightful companion, added a whole new meaning to TKAMB.

However, as much as I loved experiencing a different era of American history and being able to read about more adventures that Scout, Jem and Dill got up to that weren't mentioned in the other book, I did very much miss the first person narration as I think that was one of the reasons why To Kill A Mockingbird was such a hit. I'm still kind of recovering from the disturbing truths we learnt, including that sentence on page 13 which broke my heart and the discovery in Chapter eight which basically turns everything we ever thought we knew about Atticus upside down!

Overall this is a good book- I mean how could it not be if the Harper Lee had written it- and I think it is there to show that nobody can stay young forever and that sometime we all have to grow up, whether we like it or not. People need to stop thinking of Go Set A Watchman as a sequel but rather a rough first draft of a classic that was rightfully rejected by the publishers.

A real good read for Lee fans but nothing will come close to the brilliance of To Kill A Mockingbird!

Now onto the next book,
Love Beth xx

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  1. I love TKAM and I want to read this so badly!


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