10 Aug 2015

Guest Post: Blogging Motivation

Is it just me or at the moment does there seems to be an astonishing amount of bloggers who are writing advice posts? How to get more traffic, how to best use social media, how to be a successful blogger...the list is endless. But I kind of like the fact that we are all trying to reach out and help other bloggers in the way we know best. By writing it down! So to add another lovely advice post to the list we have already is Jennie from Jennifer Lanigan. Amazingly she has only been writing her blog for a few months. but as you can probably see her way with words is gorgeous and the advice she has shared is extremely helpful:  

Everyone blogs for one reason or another. Some people strive to make it their full time job and work hard for it. while others do it simply for a hobby and post at their own pace. So for whatever reason you write your blog, here are some motivational tips for getting back  to writing after a couple of days off or if you hit the dreaded 'bloggers block': 

1Create Habits
Choose a certain night of the week that you will blog. It can be as long as you want and where ever you want. Create a ritual for yourself and make sure you have your favorite drink or food with you to keep you comfortable. We all love a bit of treatment every now and again so why not do a face mask every time you write?

2. Comfort
Everyone loves a bit of comfort in their life. Go somewhere in your house, outside or to a public place and get comfortable. Let the surroundings inspire your brilliant thoughts! Let the fingers do the typing and the mind wander. I find that words and sentences come to me best when I’m relaxed so get comfortable and get writing.

3.  Read other blogs
Go back to the blogs that inspired you a few years, months or days ago. Going back to what once made you start blogging will give you that motivation to continue doing what you love most. All bloggers have one thing in common and that is the love of writing and reading. Looking at other people’s posts and their style of writing will inspire you and get you back on top of your game in no time.

4.Start again
Go back to the very start of your blog. Can you see how far you have come? What has changed? Your style? Content? Topics? When you first began blogging you probably didn’t have much traffic, you still might not. Don’t let that stop you from writing. It is your little part of the internet that you can say and write whatever you want. You may have gone from being a beauty blogger at the start to a travel blogger now. Let all your knowledge and mistakes help you create good content and enjoy what you talk about.

I hope this helped anyone with writers block or if you are just simply getting back into blogging after a well-deserved break. 

My name is Jennie and I hope you enjoyed this post xx

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