6 Aug 2015

Guest Post: How To Be A Successful Blogger In 4 Steps!

Hi all! I really hope you are enjoying the lovely guest bloggers on In The Clouds recently. I've spoken to people in the past who don't really like the idea of allowing other bloggers to write on their website, while I on the other hand just adore it. It's a brilliant way to meet new people and expose your own readers to some new blogs that they might not have ever come across before. Maybe these lovely ladies just might become your new favorite blogger, who knows? If you haven't already seen the other posts you can find them here and here. Today we have Jenn from What You Make It , a beautiful blog about belief, love, style and life- with a little one. Take it away Jenn:

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It's great to be here on In The Clouds today! Thanks, Beth, for letting me visit. 

So blogging eh? Getting established and growing a blog has become serious work! It's been about four years since I started blogging, and most of that time has been about figuring out what to do along the way. So many people are looking for advice, and while I'm far from successful, I have learned a few tips (one for every year I've blogged) that will propel you forward if you're just starting out, or if you're stuck in place. 

Get personal: As much as people love a good "how-to" post or recipe, readers really want to know the person behind the blog. For so long, I tried to get away without including many pictures of myself, or personal stories about my life, because I was afraid to put myself out there. Don't get me wrong - you don't want to give out too much info about yourself online. But people don't want to read a blog without a face. 

 Invest a little: I did not want to spend any money as a blogger, and technically, you don't really have to. But if you can invest a little, it will make a huge difference. Buying a domain, for example (instead of .blogspot or .wordpress.com), makes you look more professional, and you can get a good deal on that (look for coupon codes). There are also lots of great places to buy pretty blog designs without spending a lot, like Etsy. 

Join blogger groups: It's as simple as searching for "blogger groups" on Facebook, or look up blog communities your favorite blogger is associated with. Find groups to join to get involved in a community. This is a place where you can get and give tips, and introduce yourself to others, as well as meet new friends. 

Work well with others: When growing your blog, you want others to comment, follow, and share, right? If you want to get promoted, promote others! Read and engage in other people's blog posts. Share ones you enjoy on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Follow blogs you like. Keeping to yourself in the blogosphere doesn't really get you anywhere.
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Looking for anymore tips? Check out the Things I wish I'd done sooner as a blogger and please come visit me soon! Thanks again, Beth. 

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