3 Aug 2015

Guest Post: July Playlist!

Today I am all packed and off on my first week of NCS. I don't really know what to expect from the adventure packed 5 days and all I can hope is that I have a bloody good time and that it doesn't rain. Sleeping a soggy tent doesn't sound like much fun! So to keep you all entertain I have another treat for you as this second guest post comes courtesy of Olivia from Boho and Brownies. Olivia and I met during a twitter chat a months ago and we bonded over the terror of exams and teenage life like only 16 year olds can! She has kindly offered to create a fab summer playlist for us to dance the night away to. If you missed the first guest post you can find it here. But without further ado, over to you Liv: 

Hi there, I'm really excited to do this guest post for Beth and I thought, as summer is really kicking in (although you wouldn't have guessed by this weather...damn you Britain!) I would put together a playlist of my favourite summer tunes at the moment. There's a real range of songs here so I hope you discover something new: 

The first song, Blue by Marina and the Diamonds, is a personal favourite of mine because the music video was filmed at an amusement park, Dreamland in Margate, which is very local to me and she did a show there which I went to for my birthday. She was amazing- I've never known of an artist who can sing better live than in the studio! I adore this music video; the different looks fit beautifully together and I love the aesthetic, it's so summery and colourful!

A band I've really been getting into recently is Sticky Fingers, an Australian indie band with two albums, Land of Pleasure and Caress Your Soul. They're pretty unusual but I love to play the albums when I'm revising; their songs really calm me down and they're so chilled out so I would definitely recommend! The song included, Land of Pleasure is one of their first and it's got such a funky tune, perfect for summer and relaxing.

I love the retro style of Money on You; I discovered it as it's the theme tune to Fashion Bloggers, an Australian TV show which I love. You can find some episodes on YouTube but unfortunately they can't upload anymore due to copyright reasons. This song is just so classy and I can seriously imagine it being played at a runway show.

The last song I want to talk about is Can't Stop Playing (Makes Me High), not usually something I would go for but it's definitely a party anthem and gets me in the summer mood. When I went to work experience they played this song a lot whilst we worked and I'm glad I finally found it!

Well I hope you maybe have discovered a new song you like and enjoyed this post; it was a pleasure to write for Beth who is such a lovely blogger!

Ciao for now,

Olivia xxx

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  1. I love walk the moon! This song is so catchy :) xx

  2. Awww so happy to see it up! I've been such a bad blogger this month (seriously, I didn't post anything...) and you're so organised with your guest bloggers all planned out! If you ever need any more guest posts I'd love to do it again, it was fun,
    Olivia xx


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