12 Aug 2015

Guest Post: What I Eat In A Day Veggie Style!

For long time now I have considered becoming a vegetarian as a few of my friends have done the same and are forever singing the praises of this type of lifestyle. I mean just look at the list of benefits! I am a massive animal lover and have heard some absolutely awful stories about what goes on in slaughter houses and on farms just so we can have a bacon sandwich for breakfast. At home I'm trying to cut down on meat but I haven't been able to completely eradicate it from my diet as I just don't know what to substitute it with! So this is where the lovely Rebecca from Waves Of Thoughts  comes in. She is a proper veggie and has kindly offered to show us what she eats in a day:

Hi all! Thanks so much for stopping by today. My name is Rebecca and here is what I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner today. 

I started the day with a bowl of Yeo Valley vanilla yoghurt topped with fresh strawberries and passion fruit. I had a glass of orange juice and latte with it.

For lunch I had a halloumi and mushroom salad. I microwaved the halloumi and mushroom (although they are nicer fried off) and put them over a bed of lettuce and pepper. To finish it off, I poured French dressing over the top. It was delicious!

For dinner as a special occasion my family and I went out for a meal, at a place called the Rivo Lounge. I had a falafel burger a great substitute for meat as it just made up of grounded chickpeas and fava beans. This burger was served with chips, coleslaw and a piece of halloumi. I had a glass of diet coke with it.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Are you veggie too or have you have ever considered it like Beth, let me know? 

You can find more of Rebecca on:

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