30 Sep 2015

12 Awkward Moments That Make You Cringe!

As a society, I have figured that we are all very awkward and easily embarrassed people. But when you are faced with having to order your food at a restaurant, sit next to a man on the Tube who insists on opening his legs to their full openness or try to get the message across to the woman in the queue that you don't really care about her cash-or-card dilemma, it's no wonder we constantly feel on edge!

I mean our generation even seems to find it difficult speaking to another human being. That awkward moment when you are trying to think of something to say when there's nothing left to say, so you just make a pathetic excuse like "Oh I need the loo" and walk in the opposite direction to the toilets as fast as your little legs will carry you!

Am I right?!?!?

Siri is just so much easier to get on with sometimes.

However you people have not known true awkwardness until you have cringed so violently that you have popped an organ and had to move countries and change your name due to the sheer shame of the situation.

The struggles are real!

So here are some of my seriously awkward moments that will leave anybody's face redder than a baboon's bum. And I have some seriously cool gifs (I genuinely didn't know they were called that until about 5 minutes ago!) to go with them because they make everything so much funnier.

1. When you think somebody is waving at you so you wave back very enthusiastically, only to turn around and realise they were waving at the person behind you. Normally resulting in the need for the floor to open up and swallow you whole.

2. Walking into a shop and realising you meant to go to the one next door, but you don't want to look suspicious to the scary security man like you just shoved a £3 Primark jumper in your bag, so you do a sort of sweep of the store. Then you give very theatrical sigh to indicate that they didn't have you size, before legging it out the shop and going in the one next door. Pheeew!

3. When you meet somebody new and you do that awkward Shall We Hug, Kiss or Handshake Dance that almost always ends in a tangle of limbs and uncomfortable laughter.

4. Holding open a door for somebody you thought was right behind you because my-mummy-brought-me-up-to-be-a-polite-child-and-not-a-raving-lunatic. Then seeing them half way down the corridor, running so not to make the situation even more awkward than it already is. Thank you kind person, if only all people did that so you weren't left hold a door open for 3 hours on end.

5. Walking down the street alone and tripping over an imaginary pile of stones, so you try to play it cool like "I meant to do that!" while secretly rubbing your swollen coxic bone.

7. Find yourself earwigging on another person's conversation and laughing really loudly at a joke they made. Cue everyone turning around and looking at you like you are mental!

6. Holding a pen in your hand during class and not realizing you have been accidentally been drawing all over your face for the past 35 minutes. And what makes it worse is that nobody even thought to tell you!

8. Asking somebody in a clothing store if they have this in different size and realizing they are just wearing a blue jumper and DON'T actually work there...

9. Small talk with strangers. The stuff of absolute nightmares that normally includes a) the weather b) your state of hunger and c) a compliment about a really ugly piece of clothing!

Get me away from this person now!!

9. When somebody's in the way and you're too shy to ask them to move, so you kind of stand over them and cough violently until they notice you and move- more out of fear of catching whatever contagious disease you have than anything.

10. When somebody is telling you a really long story and you kind of tune out half way through so your face resembles something a lot like this:

11. Walking in one direction and realising you need to go the other way so you quickly turn around, hoping nobody saw you...but you know full well that everyone did!

12. When you're home alone and having more fun then you have ever had in your whole entire life and just really hoping that nobody walks through that door.

Who feels like curling up into a ball and dying right now?
Beth Does xx


  1. HAHAHA I love this!!! I enjoyed reading it, I deffo related to the majority of them!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. All of these made me cringe and reminisce to my awkward times :|

    www.laurcaud.co.uk / Lifestyle Blog, I'm also doing blogtober :)


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