14 Sep 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

Howdy partners!!!

Don't ask me why I decided to go all cowgirl on you there- I'm in a weird mood!

Anyyyyyway, this week has been pretty manic in that it wasn't until Monday that I realized I was meant to be starting 6th form the following day. Cue mad stationary buys (although I completely forgot about a notepad so had nothing to write on!) and me chucking everything but the kitchen sink into my bag. And what a bloody beautiful bag it is!

Despite being at the same school, everything just seems so different. Maybe it's the fact I'm only studying Biology, Psychology and Literature or maybe its because it's a lot more relaxed. I mean on some days I only have two hours worth of lessons compared to the five I am used to. So it's pretty flipping amazing and means I get all my homework done at school, leaving more blogging time in the evening. Woop woop!

So onto the list we all know and love:

1. Pencil skirts

 If you hadn't already guessed from the fact that fashion is almost never ever mentioned here, I'm not a massive clothes lover. At the end of the day they are just something to cover up so we don't end up walking around half naked! But that was before I brought my first pencil skirt...and I've not looked back since. You can pretty much wear them with anything and it pulls you in in all the right places. Sexy, sculpted bum here I come!!

2. Ham and cheese toasties

 Stuff all you fancy salads and hummus lunches, I'm here to tell you about the good old toastie! Quick, easy and yummy- you can't go wrong. A slight carb overload but who really cares when it makes you feel all nice and squishy inside.

3. Long nail

Me and my ever snapping, tearing nails have a very longstanding fued going on. They just point blank refuse to grow long and luscious, so I end up with horrible stubby nails. But (don't want to jinx myself here!) they are looking pretty goooowd right now if I do say so myself! This stuff is a life saver.

4. The Lift Experiment

 I've recently started studying psychology at A Level and am really enjoying it. Its so flippin' interesting and NO I HAVEN'T LEARNT TO MIND READ YET!! One experiment we did look was the famous Lift Experiement by Soloman Asch- in which they wanted to test people to see if they would copy the behavior of others around them. It really is mind blowing stuff. You can watch the original study here and an updated, more detailed version here

5. Hotel rooms: 

On Saturday we traveled to Norfolk- which is surprisingly closer than I first thought-  to meet up with my aunt so we decided booked ourselves into a hotel for the night. And who doesn't love a good hotel room eh? Fluffy robes with matching slippers, a mini kettle and fridge, complimentary pillow mints and those cute little packets of biscuits to dip in your tea. Living the high life here people!

6. Animals

I will never understand how people don't like animals. My brother and I spent the whole of Sunday being licked to death by my Aunt's dog Kirk, who for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier was extremely friendly. His particular breed has had terrible press in the past and if people think it is Staffies that have problems, they are looking at the wrong end of the lead! It's how their owners bring them up that affects their temperament- no animal is born aggressive. And I just wish more people would understand that.

This week on In The Clouds (I know, slow week much?): Halfe-caste by John Agard

So that's my week, how was yours?
Love Beth xx


  1. I studied Psychology at university and I'm afraid that the statement about reading minds never goes away, people will always ask you about it! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. Oh I completely agree with your comments about Staffies! I do believe a dog is a product of their upbringing... as are children. Hope 6th form is going well still!

  3. Great post, I need to pick myself up a pencil skirt! I love bodycon skirts so I bet I will love pencil skirts x :)



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