21 Sep 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

I know!

It seems I'm getting worse and worse at writing these posts on time but FIY I had a very busy weekend and a stack load of Biology work to do. And now I'm sitting here with wet hair from that damn rain, reliving my childhood by watching an old episode of Tracey Beaker and typing away like a mad woman!

Oh the glamour of being a blogger, eh?

1. An Inspector Calls

We had to read this play for one of our GCSE exams and I just adored all the twists and turns as you find out that every member of the seemly normal Birling family had a part to play in the death a young girl named Eva Smith. I was absolutely ecstatic to hear that they had turned it into a BBC drama and that David Thewlis (who played Professor Lupin in HP) was cast as The Inspector!

Eeep! * cue excited dance*

If you haven't seen it yet you can watch here

2. Peace + quite

 Such a simple thing I know, but something that we all take for granted. It is only when you can't have a few frickin' minutes to yourself without being interrupted and exposed to noise that you realize how much you miss it. Living in a busy household, somebody is always coming or going and boy do you know about it! Of course I wouldn't change my family for the world but sometimes...just sometimes I wish I had bit of time to myself to just relax.

3. Unchipable nail polish

 I'm not even sure if that is a word but we'll go with it! Anway, I painted my nails with this lil' beauty on Tuesday and it was only at the weekend that they start to chip which is, like, unheard of! Not only does it last forever but the colour is to die for. So the moral of the story is that sometimes it is worth paying the extra few pounds for a nail polish if it's a good'un!

And this is a good'un indeed!

4. Family heirlooms

You probably heard about my aunt's passing and as sad as it was, I was very grateful to find that she had left quite a bit of her extensive perfume and jewelry collection to me. As it so happen we both have the same initials so many of jewelry pieces marked with Bs were given to me. I've never really had anything that could be classed as a family heirloom and now I do which is just so incredibly special and heart warming.

5. The Lion King

You cannot beat a Disney classic, so when I got tickets to see The Lion King at the Lycem London Theatre on Saturday I was over the moon! The show was absolutely spectacular from the songs and the live music to the set designs that made you feel like you were really on the Sahara plains and the way that the costumes transformed the people into animals. It was mind blowingly brilliant and now I can't the blinking songs out of my head!!

7. Radio

And lastly don't ever underestimate the beauty of switching on the radio and rocking it out to some tunes in the safety of your bedroom. It beats Itunes any day!

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How was your week?
Love Beth xx


  1. I saw the lion king in the lycem last year! It's so amazing! Thoroughly enjoyed it!


  2. I missed An Inspector Calls but hubby saw it and said it was fantastic! I also did it for GCSEs and it was great!

    I'm sorry to hear about your aunt's passing.


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