17 Sep 2015

A Weekend On The River

If you aren't careful the weekends can pass in a blink of an eye and all that waiting and wishing for those two days to come around were pretty pointless. Spending most of Saturday asleep and the rest of the day watching Netflix (still in your pjs of course!) sounds as appealing to me and it does to you. But admit it people! We are wasting those precious days sitting around doing absolutely nothing. And no, popping down to Papa Johns to order a pizza doesn't count as something.

So last weekend I took a trip down to Nolfolk in order to prolong the weekend and actually have something of interest to say on Monday in reply to "What did you do at the weekend then?" because "Oh ya know...I got up at lunch time on Sunday, made myself some brunch, fed the cat and went back to bed again to watch five episodes of Pretty Little Liars while stuffing my face with chocolate!" makes you sound a bit like a hormonal hermit crab!

No offence to hormonal hermit crabs or anything.

First off, after getting a wee bit lost because SatNav Sally was being stupid, we stopped off at a country pub called The Bridge Inn . It was shame that the weather wasn't slightly warmer so we could of sat in the brilliant outdoor facilities they have there, right next to a lovely little river. Instead we had to resort to sitting indoors by a window, so we basically had the best of both worlds!

Hannah Montana eat your heart out :)

The food on offer was your typical pub grub, which FIY I adore! It's the type of hearty meal that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy like there is a little bear cub curled up asleep inside you. Ya know the feeling?

After much deliberation (we had the send the waiter away twice when he came to ask us what we wanted!) I went for the Double Bacon and Cheese Burger because duh it's a burger. Plus I'm technically on holiday so calories don't count people!

As we watched all the boats passing, like the sexy beast above. it kind of made us want to do the same. I mean who doesn't like the idea of peacefully floating along down a river to your heart's content? Once you get over the fear of the boat ride turning into the next Titanic, it is a pretty appealing idea.

So thanks to the free WiFi on offer at the pub- why some pubs don't offer it is beyond me- we booked ourselves a little day boat at Herbert Woods which turned out to be just around the corner. What luck!

Once the life jackets (as incredibly attractive as always!) were on and all the safety regulations were spoken about...we were off!

Just us, a few nosy swans and the big open water. Gently bobbing along down the river, soaking up the last of summer heat and thinking "Ahhh this is the life!"

Now who thinks a Netflix and PJ weekend is a good idea, eh? 

Love Beth xx


  1. Very much agree with getting out and making the most of it and what a weekend you had! Love these photos - it is all very much up my street :)



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