5 Sep 2015

The Bigger Picture

Admit it guys!

We are all a bit obsessed with taking the perfect picture. Whether it's for your Instagram feed or your blog, we all do that thing where we take 278304 pictures but delete every single one because they weren't good enough. The lighting wasn't right. The camera angle gave you a double chin. The flash made your skin go all shiny and greasy looking. Like I did actually wash this morning thankyouverymuch!

However, there was actually a time (shocking as it is, dinosaurs were long extinct by this point!) where we didn't have the privilege of being able to flick through the pictures we just took and delete the bad ones off. Where we just had to click the shutter button and hope for the best. Where we had to physically go down to our local shop and get the images developed.

Each and every one of those pictures, no matter how blurry or fuzzy, was loving placed into a photo album to look back at in years to come. A visual memory captured forever in a book.

Now I often find myself snapping pictures because I feel I should. Not because I really want to. Everyone else around me seems to live their life through a lens- should I do the same? Am I missing out by not capturing this moment? Will the world fall apart if I don't include a picture with this blog post?

So we are all very guilty of getting sucked into new technological fads. No doubt about it! Now poor reliable photo albums are getting pushed aside and replaced by computer screens, Iphone camera rolls and memory sticks. Yes, it's convenient and cheaper. But what's the good in these gadgets if it means we all stop appreciating photography? If we download photos and never look at them again?

For me, the excitement of developing photos at the Boots counter never gets old. Being able to hold a physical memory from your childhood in your hands and stroke your lil' chubby cheeks is absolutely priceless. It hands down beats plugging your phone into a laptop and viewing a slideshow of pictures any day!

Just because we are in the 2015 doesn't mean we can't rock out to Queen or The Beatles, so why do have to conform to all the latest tech? Do we really need to get our hands on the new Iphone 50 because it has a way better camera than the Iphone 49?

Probably not.

So now I've made a conscious decision to start turning more towards photo albums and building up a collection of pictures there instead.

For now my laptop has been made redundant and I really hope you will join me.

Love Beth xx


  1. I was looking through old photo albums the other day and my dad had printed of so many photos. I really want to do the same, I think if I get a nice photo album it will start me of. Plus printing them off these days is so cheap :)


    1. It is so much fun! You should Defo get them printed x

  2. You're so right. It's been so long since I've filled a photo album, especially now I've got Instagram. A few years ago, I got a ton of photos printed off on Snapfish and it's such an exciting moment getting the envelope in the post! I think I'll join you and start getting the real things printed again. Thanks for the inspiration! x

    1. Aw! I'm really glad you enjoyed the post Laura xx

  3. You're right. When you have so much choice it's never good enough. I love watching through old photo albums, it's a shame we don't make as much of them anymore, I'd like to think of my blog as something to document my life through. While that is fun It's not the same. It takes so much time to make a photo album, but I'm going to try and make an effort to print out more photos, maybe hang them on my wall.


    1. There are actually some really lovely photo albums around if you know where to look. The internet is always a good place to start + thanks for stopping by today x

  4. I agree! I feel like looking through old photo albums compares to nothing. The way you sit and look through it is much better and I love it <3 I used to print all my pictures and I stopped about a year back and I really should print them as a safekeeping.

  5. I deffo agree! I'm so scared that one day Facebook will shut down, my laptop will break, and I'll loose all my photos... I deffo need to head down and print some off, then I can treasure them and appreciate them more!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. You really should get them printed to keep them safe as you never know what might happen to all the gadgets we have them stored on like you said xx


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