2 Sep 2015

The Bucket List

It's so easy to sit and feel as though you haven't actually achieved anything despite being on this planet for a considerable amount of time. But the fact is we achieve amazing things everyday without even noticing it: having a shower that doesn't last for three hours because you were "thinking about life", getting out of bed before 9am and making a cake that doesn't have a soggy bottom! 

We need to give ourselves more credit people.

However, sometimes it's nice to have a physical copy of our bigger achievements and goals, hence the exclusive grand unveiling of my very first Bucket List! Bearing in mind that I am only sixteen, giving me a good sixty years before I kick the bucket, I've got a lot of time on my hands to get things done...hopefully! 

So let's get crossing: 

1. Visit Paris- climb the Eiffel Tower, see The Mona Lisa etc
2. Have afternoon tea in London
3. Overcome my fear of heights and go on the London Eye
4. Give blood
5. See a West End musical 
6. Own a dog 
7. Visit my uncle in Australia 
8. See a Whale in the wild
9. See a Dolphin in the wild
10. Publish a book 
11. Eat a snail 
12.Learn to play a musical instrument 
13. Go on a safari 
14. Apply for a job
15. Visit The Harry Potter Studio Tour
16. Milk a cow
17. Buy my own house
18. Have a pond/water feature in my garden
19. Gain 1000 followers on my blog 
20. Go to a blogging event/meet up
21. Find out more about my family tree
22. Volunteer at animal charity 
23. Help at an orphanage 
25. Sign up to the organ donor register 
26. Learn to drive
27. Watch the sunset on a beach 
28. Get a manicure 

So what's on your bucket list?
Love Beth xx


  1. Giving blood is such a easy but amazing thing to do, it sat on my own to do list for a couple of years but when I actually went I realised how simple it is to do I now do it regularly and it's such a good feeling - get it ticked off your list!!

    1. I'm not scared of needles or anything but the idea is still rather terrifying especially as I have never had a blood test or anything like that. But I hope your right x

  2. I need to make mine, i never think to, but it'd be lovely to have goals!
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

    1. It is actually so much to write and you can keep adding to it as they tick things off.

  3. I love the variation you have and most aren't the usual ones I see on bucket lists! And good on you for ticking off a few already!


    1. Aw thank you! I don't really crave the bog standard 'go to Disney world' wishes in life if I'm honest so maybe thats why it's different to other Bucket Lists you might have read.


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