31 Oct 2015

Spooks & Screams From The Blogosphere #2

 I'm not gunna lie, I freaking love Halloween! Of course it kind of sucks that my invitations for about a dozen halloween parties ended up getting lost in the post because duh Royal Mail sucks even more. I had my costume ready and everything!

A legitimate story right there people...

Even so that won't stop me from decorating the house up to it's nine with bushes covered in cobwebs (uhmm cotton wool!), skeletons floating down from the windows on fishing line and DANGER DO NOT CROSS tape draped just above everywhere. The looks on the kids faces when they walk past makes those 10 minutes spent up a set of step ladders very rewarding indeed!

And it isn't just my household which is in the Halloween spirit (please lets just forget about these people!) the whole flippin' blogosphere is in the spooky spirit too! Who knew Halloween was a guilty pleasure of so many people?

So to spread a little blogging love this October I've put together a few of my fav posts from some pretty special bloggers:

-The Blogger's Bookshelf's top five spooky reads for Halloween 

-Bloo's scary doll obsession  and her halloween buns 

- Zoe's look at the new 2015 Lush Halloween Products 

-Danielle is totally my kind of gal with her Halloween celebrations for non-party people

- Claire's a lifetime of costumes for some future inspiration

-Jemma's Halloween edition of her Friday Five 

-Rihanna's amazing skull makeup 

Have you written any spectacular halloween posts this year? Leave your links below!

29 Oct 2015

Getting Back To Novel Writing

As a child I was utterly obsessed with Jacqueline Wilson and her style of writing. I mean who didn't cry their eyes out at the end of My Sister Josie or wasn't touched by poor Tracey Beaker's attempt to find a forever home? Jacqueline was the first person to teach me that life wasn't always sunshine and rainbows and that sometimes kids have to deal with pretty hard stuff and wowww my life is effing amazing right now compared to Dixie's in The Diamond Girls whose mum is currently making out her new baby sister to be a boy!

I must have spent countless hours writing away in a notebook, trying to create a world just as good as hers. For some reason quite a few of those early stories always included talking animals! I'm slightly ashamed to admit that the majority of my birthday wishes were to own a talking animal but as you probably guessed that never come true.

When I got my first laptop at the age of eleven, writing basically took over my life. But in a good way...if something taking over your life could ever be a good thing! My only regret is that I didn't keep them all safe so I could read them now.

I guess when I first started blogging it was a whole new way of writing that I hadn't come across before. I mean being able to share my words, rather than keeping them hidden in a notebook was a dream come true! I got completely distracted from my first love as the reality of owning a slice of the interweb, learning to use social media in a way I never had before and essentially chatting about what I did yesterday, dawned on me. Within a few days I had well and truly fallen head over heels in love with blogging. No doubt about it.

But then I realized that I was starting to miss story writing like you miss good chocolate when you go abroad because it never ever ever tastes like the chocolate you get in the UK. Like what is up what that?

Anyway, my creative juices were drying up and dwindling away before my very eyes. And for somebody who has always loved English at school and was one of those kids that the teachers adored because I was the only one there with enough brain capacity for a bit of imagination, the drama was real!

So yeah I am currently in the process of planning a novel. A PROPER FRICKIN' FICTIONAL BOOK PEOPLE!  Okay the characters are a bit scratchy at the moment and the plot at bit wishy-washy, but I'm getting there. And loving every moment. Yes, I've now made my life ten times harder as I try to juggle blogging, writing and my offline life but if mums with a full time job and six kids can do, so can I!

Maybe this story will just end up like all the other stories I've written- in the bin! Maybe not. But what's the point in having these dreams if you never even try to fulfill them just once?

How you ever wanted to write a book or maybe you are more of a short story type of person? Let me know in the comments.

Love Beth xx

24 Oct 2015

Book Log 2015 | October

As I type this I'm snuggled up with a hot water bottle because my parents absolutely refuse to put the heating on minus one degrees is apparently not cold enough to put it on yet! And the idea of curling up in a chair to read a book is starting to sound very appealing to me indeed. So maybe I might just leave this half written and saunter off to immerse myself in a good novel. Or maybe I'll be Good Bethany and actually get something published today since is has been three whole months since my last Book Log update

The funny thing is that you won't actually know what happened. Did I or didn't, that is the question!


Anyway, I don't know what is but autumn is one of those seasons where I seem to get a lot of reading done. It's probably because I spend nearly all my time indoors because hell no mumma ain't going out in that rain and there is just something quite comforting about curling up with a mug of tea to delve into the lives of all those people.  

So here's a look at what I've had my nose stuck in these past few months: 

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Leuithan 
One night in the most unlikely corner of Chicago, Will Grayson meets...Will Grayson. Told in alternating chapters and voices, each Will Grayson's mind is unraveled. John Green's Will Grayson is forever being put in crazy and uncomfortable situations by his friend Tiny Cooper, who is anything but tiny. While on the other side of the city David Levithan's Will Grayson, is a bit of a loner. He is also a bit depressed and spends most of his time talking to an online friend named Isaac. Suddenly their separate lives are catapulted in an unexpected direction with lots of drama on and off stage! 

The idea of meeting somebody who has the exact same name as you was something that initially interested me. I loved the idea of the alternating chapters and there being two characters which are as equally important as each other. I instantly connected with John Green's Will and his humorous writing style, however it took me much longer to warm to the depressed and lonely David Leuithan's Will but maybe that was the point? For a YA book it was pretty good but I did find parts of it a bit cheesy and boring, plus I've found that most John Green books are very similar. So I doubt I will be reading anymore of his work just because I've seen it all before. 

The Colour of Hope by Susan Madison 
Carter's House in Sweetharbor, Maine has been in Ruth's family for generations. Now she, her husband, Paul and their children, 16 year old Josie and younger brother Will enjoy idyllic summers there. One day, in the wake of a ferocious family rows, all four of them sail to a nearby island only for Josie to be swept away by an even more ferocious storm. The family are trapped in a spiral of guilt and denial that threaten's their love and drags them into a desperate battle with death. 

My grandad gave me this book to read a while ago and since then I have read is at least a dozen times! Its so incredibly emotional and heartbreaking because, as it is narrated by the mum, it puts you in a position where you start to think about how horrible it must be to a loose a child. There are so many dramatic twists and turns that I never expected when I starting reading it. And by the end I was a big fat blubbering mess! But seriously, you need to read this book. 

End of. 

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins 
Every morning Rachel catches the same train, at the same time which always stops at the same signal overlooking a row of back gardens. She is here so often that Rachel has started to feel like she knows the people who live at number 15. Jess and Jason, as she calls them, seem like they have the perfect life- unlike her. But one day Rachel seems something shocking through the train window that changes everything. She now has the chance to become part of their life, but all is not what it seems.

There was a lot of hype surround this book so I purchases it a while ago on my kindle and wrote a full review here

Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone by JK Rowling
Harry Potter is an ordinary boy who lives in a cupboard under the stairs at his horrible Aunt and Uncle house. One day letters start dropping on his doormat and are immediantly confiscated by his Uncle. Then on Harry's 11th birthday a giant of a man named Rubeus Hagrid bursts in with some life changing news. Harry is a wizard and he has a place at Hogwards School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The most incredible adventures and mysteries await! 

I got the most beautiful collection of HP books for my birthday and I was so eager to get reading them. However I've only managed the first one so far because other books have popped up or been given to me as presents. Still I just love looking at the collection sitting on my bookcase. It makes me smile every single time!

Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee
Jean Louise Finch returns home to Alabama from New York to visit her aging father Atticus, twenty years after the events of To Kill A Mockingbird. But she gets a lot more than she bargained for when she learns how much her beloved hometown and close-knit family has changed. Memories from her childhood flood back and starts to doubt everything she ever thought she knew. 

There was a lot of controversy surrounding this book but I did thoroughly enjoy it as a massive fan of Lee's original novel. You can find my full review of the book here.

Under The Paw by Tom Cox
For years Tom might have seemed like your regular bloke but he had a dark secret. He was a crazy cat man. When he met his moggy loving soulmate Dee in 2001, his cat obsession rocketed. This book records their life living with seven of the charismatic and idiotic cats in the country. From how you dispose of mutated mice bodies to dealing with cat depression, it's all here in black and white...with the addition of a few cat hairs that is! 

It is no secret that I myself a bit cat obsessed and living with one cat seems hard enough, let alone seven of the things! Tom is a fellow internet writer too and had me in absolute hysterics half the time. He really has a way with words...and the occasional swear word! So yeah if you are a moggy lover or simply just intrigued about how a book could make a person wet themselves, get reading this beauty now!

And that's it! What have you been reading this month?
Love Beth xx

19 Oct 2015

Meet Toby The Troublesome Tabby Cat

Despite Toby being mentioned in pretty much every single post I write here (exhibit A, exhibit B) and being brought up in more conversations then he probably should, I've never officially introduced him to you guys!

Totally shocker, right?

So lovely people, meet Toblerone Gizmo Beckham Dale aka Toby (sometimes known as Tobs, Tobbles, Tobias, Bunny and Mr Meowypants!)

This cheeky monkey came to us during the summer of 2010. We had just lost our beloved tabby Molly who was the sweetest little lady ever, once you got past the fact that she had such a hatred for anything that moved and/or made a noise (so yeah...everything!) that she would spend as much time outside as possible. Nothing personal or anything then!

Only pet owners will understand the sense of emptiness and hollowness in a house once a pet has died. I mean it's almost harrowing how disjointed everything feels when you are constantly look around expecting to see that little furry face staring back at you.

So yeah long story short, we needed a new cat in our life. And fast before I started to feel the full effects of cat deprivation.

This is where Toby comes in...well sort of!

Initially when we first set out on our kitten hunt, there was two things we wanted. The first being that it was a female and the second being that it wasn't tabby. So how the heck did we end up with a male tabby, I hear you ask?

Well, we saw an advertisement in the Yellow Pages for a litter of kitten (2 black, 2 tabby and 1 black and white) in Chelmsford. Upon arrival with our hearts set on the black and white lady, we were introduced to a kitten that had it been human would probably have been diagnosed with ADHD. I mean it was frickin' nutter, racing around the kitchen like it was Usan Bolt or something!

While our attention was on the black and white kitten, we failed to noticed that one of the cats had managed to get itself wedge tightly between the back of the fridge and the wall. That was until we heard the poor thing meowing it's head off. Somehow- I don't know how - it wiggled free and come trotting over to us with this look on it's little face like 'what are you talking about? that never just happened'. And we instantly fell in love.

Just like that.

The trouble was...it was not only a tabby but the male too! However, by then it was too late, we had already scooped him up and was ready to take him home. And as he was sleeping in his travel crate in the car, the name Toby just seemed to suit him perfectly.

So it stuck!

With all the joys you get from a new kitten like playing with a ratty piece of string for two hours at a time and inviting people around just to show them that he really does fit into the palm of your hand, you never expect something to go wrong.

I mean we should have guessed that this mischievous kitten who was first introduced to us from behind a fridge, would get into trouble somewhere down the line. But nope. We didn't think that for a second.So you can imagine our panic when only a few months after bring him home, he disappeared. For almost a whole week.

 I know they say that cats like to wander but this was so unlike him that my Cat Mumma Instincts told me something fishy was defo going on here.

I remember the day we found him like it was yesterday. I was out having lunch and I got a text from my mum which I initially brushed off as that over protective thing mum's do to check if you are eating and not just skipping lunch because you are too busy. But when I finally did read it, it turns out Toby, still a wee baby at this point, had been hit by a car and basically left on the side of the road to die. Some very lovely person had found him and taken him to their local vets, who thanks to the microchip on the back of his neck were able to contact us.

His collar had been ripped right off his neck in the accident.

The whole of the back of Toby's body was badly smashed up and he was not in a good way. At first it was touch and go as the whether he would have to have one of his back leg amputated as the vets didn't know if they would be able to repair such a badly broken leg or if he would even survive the night. But thankfully he pulled through.

Age was defo on his side this time as after about six months of being confined to a cage with a load of stitches and plaster on his lil' leg (which he hated so much and I hated putting him through) the bones fused back together beautifully.

We were told that he would have a permanent limp and be in chronic pain, but if you looked at Toby now you would never have guessed the things he has been through. He runs around like a lunatic, catches about a dozen mice a week and meows to high heaven for food even though you already fed him ten minutes ago. The little bugger doesn't even seem the least bit frighten of the road either!

Somethings never change.

Love Beth xx

18 Oct 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

I am not going to lie. I'm seriously struggling this week!

First, I know that it's all I seem to be talking about recently but, this cold weather is killing me. My skin is drier than the Sahara desert so I have to constantly be rubbing moisturizer on my face and Vaseline on my lips, because duh flaky skin is not a good look. Ever.

 Also now the hot water bottles have come out of hiding because who doesn't love to cuddle up to them when it's 5pm outside but looks like frikin' midnight. I mean what is actually up with that?

On top of evil mother nature, my creative juices have not been very..,juicy recently. I've got a whole notebook full of post ideas and hella cute sentences I've picked up from books and TV, but when I sit down to write it nothing much happens. Then I get frustrated and dishearten because 'I must be like the world worst blogger if I can't even write a simple post like this' and that 'I bet nobody else has this problem'. But of course they do and I'm just be a silly, moody cow!


Anyway, here's what else happened this week:

1. Sleepy cat purrs

Is there a sound more beautiful and comforting then that of a sleepy cat purring? It just warms my heart and makes me see that the love I think Toby has for me is not all my head. And that I'm not as crazy a cat lady as I thought after all!

2. People and deep conversations

I don't what it is but do you ever find that you have that one particular friend that you end up discussing really deep stuff with? I mean the other day my friend and I ended up having this two hour long convo about the meaning of life and I loved it! It was seriously one of the most interesting chats I've had in a long time because that sort of stuff isn't something you can talk to just anyone about.

So yeah lets all start having better conversations people because the weather and what you are having for dinner is starting to get a tad bit dull.

I mean who really cares?

3. The Relief of the Tight Taking Off Ceremony

Having spent nearly twelve years of my school life yanking up falling down tights and trying to disguise ladders and hole, it is no surprise why I have recently developed a hatred for the things. They make you itch and scratch and give you seriously bad wedgies that are a nightmare to discreetly de-wedge in public. So the relief when you get home and can whip the little shits off feels like heaven on earth!

The only good thing about them is that it covers up my hideously pale legs but still something I wonder if they are really worth it in the end. Opinions??

4. Slight ring obsession

I'm not a jewelry person. Never have been. But since being gifted my first ring (I know shocking!) back in July I've started to build up a cute little collection.

Now I always seen to have a ring or two on my fingers and it just feels weird when I don't. So yeah a bit ring obsessed here...but still not quite a fully fledged jewelry lover. Yet!

5. The warmest coat EVER!

I've had this one coat for about five years because a) I hardy ever wear it as mumma loves her indoor life during winter and b) I can't be bothered to go out and buy a new one. But needs must when the weather has taken a freakishly cold turn and standing at the bus stop in a hoodie is just not adequate warmth anymore.

So can you believe it that the first shop I went into I found this little beauty. And let me tell you if there was a contest for The Warmest Coat this coat would win by a mile!

6. Winter duvet time

When this heffalup comes out the cupboard it's defo autumn. It's so so so cosy and warm. The only trouble is it makes getting up for 6th form at half six in the morning even more of a struggle than it was before! You really don't want to be climbing out of that warm little cocoon any time soon, let me tell you that now.

How was your week?
Love Beth xx


15 Oct 2015

The Honest Truth About Driving

Next July I will be able to start driving and I am so flippin' excited. I mean hello freedom here I come! The idea of not having to ask somebody to give me a lift or just jumping in a car and driving wherever I want to sounds like pure heaven. However is it just me or does the prospect of being in control of a car completely terrify you? I've already had a tiny taste of what it's like to drive and I can tell you it's no easy feat. Add alcohol, drugs, mobile phones and speeding on top of indicating, accelerating, breaking, gear changing and you can see quite clearly how easily accidents on the road can happen.

Let me throw some statistics at ya'll:

One in four young drivers crash within two years of passing their test

Every day on British roads, 19 young people under 25 are killed or seriously injured in cars

One in three drivers who die on the road every year are under 25 

If you crash at 30mph and a person in the backseat is not wearing a seat belt, they will be thrown forward with the force of a charging rhino. 

Despite only making up 1.5% of UK licence holders, 40% of all those involved in car accidents were Newly Qualified Drivers 

When you see a car accident on the road (other than getting seriously peed that you had been waiting in traffic for the past 3 hours so you've missed your hair appointment) you never really pay much attention to it. But the fact is we need to start paying attention. We can't keep hiding our heads in the sand anymore because these statistics are pretty shocking.

Something has to be done!

This there where The Honest Truth campaign comes in. It is a wonderful little campaign that I was introduced to for young people. It was set up following a tragic collision in South Devon which claimed the lives of three teenagers in order to try and prevent the same thing happening again. It also focuses on the shocking effects of not wearing a seat belt, driving under the influence of drink or drugs, speeding and much more.

The fact is people can bang on to you about not drink driving and wearing your seat belt until they are blue in the face, but it only takes one small mistakes for you or somebody else to put their life at risk. Just look at James or Jade or Tom for example. 

Their stories are just utterly heartbreaking and one of the reasons why I wanted to post this today was not to upset anybody or put you off driving, but to show how a small change could actually save your life. That we need to think, before we act. That as a driver we have a huge responsibly to drive safety so not to harm anybody else. 

Maybe you know somebody who has been involved in a road traffic accident? Maybe you don't. But it can still happen to anyone and at any moment. And maybe now you might be a lil' bit more cautious next time you jump into a vehicle. Or maybe you won't.

I just hope that, for your friends and your family's sake, you won't become one of those statistics.

So please lovely people do drive carefully, be alert, be aware and most of all take care of yourself.

Love Beth xx

11 Oct 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

So this week has consisted of cold mornings standing at bus stops, burying under duvets with mugs of tea, crunching over fallen leaves and spending time with loved ones. In other words it's been a pretty good week, minus trying to get my head around the language in Othello so I could write an essay about it.

Here's what else has made me smile this week:

1. Autumn leaves

I absolutely hate the autumn weather and being forced to wear twenty different jackets and a coat on the top and still stand there shivering! It just makes you miss the beautiful summer days even more.

However, I can't help myself marveling at the leaves as they gradually turn from bright green to yellows and burnt reds. It's just one of those natural occurrences that everybody loves, especially when you're travelling down a motorway and suddenly it seems like all the cars have slowed down just to take in the site of an bright orange orchard by the side of the road.

I snapped the picture below out my bedroom window yesterday, so I hope you are well jel that I get to wake up to this view every mornig. And I can tell you it always puts a smile on my face, even if it's chucking it down with rain and I can't find my umbrella anywhere!

Wet hair is never a good look.

2. Refining my love for history

Call me what you like, but I've always loved history and learning about the past. It's just something that fascinates me and my curious nature. But that passion was slightly...no massively (!!) destroyed by GCSE history in which I found myself learning about very uninteresting things just to pass an exam. It was very rushed and confusing and left me questioning if I even liked history anymore.

This coming from a girl who as a 10 year old would draw out the family trees for all the British monarchs and almost cried when her mum took her to the Tower Of London, is pretty shocking!

But this week I watched a really lovely documentary about archaeologist Dr Kathleen Martinez who had radical new theory that could possibly lead her to the long lost tomb of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. It made for pretty intense watching (who knew digging could be quite so dramatic!) and I would definitely recommend watching it here.

So yeah, history and me are defo back together for good!

3. Trouble for Toby

All this week I've been hearing about Hannah's new mischievous arrival and I think Toby here has taken a page or two out of Granger's book.

For one thing Toby is ruled, like most cats, by his stomach. You can never forget to feed him because he will just be on your case, meowing the house down until you give him a handful of Dreamies to crunch on. So when he didn't turn up for lunch or for dinner on Friday, over protective cat mumma alarm starts ringing!

I spent a good half an hour hunting around the house for him because for a large (uhmm fat) cat he can squeeze his body into some pretty wee places. But nope, he wasn't anywhere to be seen.

Cue panic, shaking and sobbing!

Then just as we were giving up hope of ever seeing him again, I heard the faintest little meow as I was outside watering the plants. A brief am-I-imaging-this-moment was experienced before I realized the noise was coming from the garage. With long strides that would have impressed any Olympic hurdle runner, I pulled open the door. And Toby rushed out, meowing like a manic probably asking about whether he could get double the amount of food as an apology for accidentally shutting him in the garage all day!

My bad.

4. Bakeoff final!

This is probably going to be everywhere on the blogosphere since 14.5 million of us tuned in to watch Nadiya bake her way to victory. Not only did she win my heart with her yummy wedding cake, expressive face and comment that one of the bakes was harder than 'giving birth' but she has really helped race relations in the UK. And if that can be done just from baking a lemon drizzle cake then that's pretty impressive stuff. 

Move over Dumbledore's Army, here comes Nadiya's Army! 

5. You're looking at a graduate here!

Okay I'd admit I'm not a real graduate, but on Saturday I did graduate from the government funded programme, National Citizen Service, which I took part in during the summer. It was so lovely getting to meet back up with our little group and spending a few more hours at the University Of Essex where we lived for five days during Week 2 of the programme. 

The presentation was held in the Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall, which was a pretty impressive place considering that it looked like a tin can from the outside! 

But after crying a little tear that the whole thing was over and having a sticker fight with the boys (don't ask!) we received our certificates from the Prime Minster. I'm not into politics or any of that stuff but being given it was defiantly something. 

So bye NCS, I hope you will be as kind to others as you were to me! 

6. A BIG thank you

Lastly in my lil' list I want to say thank you to you guys! The people who read, comment, retweet and like all the stupid thing I post here. In five months time this little place will turn two and that is such an amazing achievement. But of course, it's all down to you. So thank you to those nine or ten lovely people who started following me on bloglovin' this week, to those who leave a little comment on every single posts and to those who put a smile on my face during twitter chats,

I seriously love you guys!

4 Oct 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

First I'll start off by saying sorry to poor lil' October because I genuinely did not realise it was October until I switch on my laptop this afternoon to write this. My calendar has been stuck on September for four days longer than it should have been. Ooops!

I'll admit that it is probably because October doesn't get quite as excited as June or July. I mean why would I celebrate the weather getting colder? I'm still trying to hang on to that last little bit of sunshine. But who am I kidding- best just sucking it up and accepting that soon we are going to face the frosty mornings where it's so cold you can't expose your hands the outside world for more than a minute without the threat of frostbite. At least we have the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes from good ol' Starbucks to warm our blood!

But enough of the that, come and take a look at my week:

1. Cheeky pub lunch: 

As I'm spending a lot less time sitting around in a classroom, I have more free time on my hands. I'll admit that most of that time is taken up with going over topics that are so confusing they made my brain feel as though it's going to explode out my ears...which was most topics. However when I don't have anything to do (which is a flippin' miracle!) I just can't resist popping over to The Rose to sample some of their food.

In my life long quest to find the best local pub in my area, could you really blame me for wanting to visit this place when it looks so beautiful from the outside? I mean if this building was a human I'm sure, as I'm sure that Nutella tastes flippin' fantastic on toast, it would currently be walking down the catwalk in Milan!

2. First time behind a wheel:

Yep, on Monday I drove a car for the first time!

It was a real car, before you say anything, not those cars you 'drive' in Legoland or anything. Okay, I only drove for like five minutes because it was free taster lesson but still I didn't crash (hence how your reading this now!) And it was FREE but I think I might have mentioned that already. So, yeah, it's looking positive for when I finally do get behind the wheel next year. Please tell me you don't have some nightmare driving experience to tell me about?

3. Cat magnet:

I'm not even going to apologies that this is one of my Smiley Things because it probably makes me smile more than anything else I have ever featured here before.

So the thing is I'm a cat magnet. I attract cats everywhere I go and I love it! It means going out for a walk with me can take twice as we thought because I have to keep stopping to stroking cats and run after them shouting "PLEASE LOVE ME! I WON'T HURT YOU!" when the timid ones cower in the bushes. FIY they always let me stroke them in the end!

I like to think that I have some supernatural power that calls them to me and not that I am just in the right place, at the right time...

4. Mentoring: 

Starting 'big' school five years ago was one of the worse and most daunting experiences in my whole entire life. Even if you offered me a million pounds, my answer to redoing those first few weeks would always be no. Never. Absolutely not. No way Jose!

If somebody then had offered me a mentor to sit down and talk my fears through with, I would have jumped at the chance. So when I was approach earlier this week and asked to be trained up as a Mentor I accepted because why the hell not! *

5. A classic recipe:

The thing about baking is that everybody is always trying to out do everybody else. Nobody wants a bog standard cake anymore, its got to contain a weird and wonderful ingredient that they don't sell in Tesco. Just look at some of the recipes from Bake Off and you'll know what I mean.

Sometimes it's nice to not feel pressured into having to make something unusual because hello why would I make my life difficult for myself? So behold my classic creation...ROCK CAKES! Life just doesn't get much better than those lil' beauties.

6. My Grandparents:

I have a relatively small family as families go. But we are extremely tight knit and I love that I am able to ring any one of them and know they will instantly drop everything to be with me.  My grandparents continue to be my biggest source of inspiration, with my Nan having brought up her two young children single handedly when her husband deserted her and my other grandparents having been married for fifty years.

They are all absolutely amazing human beings and I think sometimes we forget how interesting elderly people can be. Lets not write them off just yet, eh?

* Just so you know I ended up loving school, so the moral of that little story is that bad things never last and everything always work itself out in the end!

Love Beth xx
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