18 Oct 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

I am not going to lie. I'm seriously struggling this week!

First, I know that it's all I seem to be talking about recently but, this cold weather is killing me. My skin is drier than the Sahara desert so I have to constantly be rubbing moisturizer on my face and Vaseline on my lips, because duh flaky skin is not a good look. Ever.

 Also now the hot water bottles have come out of hiding because who doesn't love to cuddle up to them when it's 5pm outside but looks like frikin' midnight. I mean what is actually up with that?

On top of evil mother nature, my creative juices have not been very..,juicy recently. I've got a whole notebook full of post ideas and hella cute sentences I've picked up from books and TV, but when I sit down to write it nothing much happens. Then I get frustrated and dishearten because 'I must be like the world worst blogger if I can't even write a simple post like this' and that 'I bet nobody else has this problem'. But of course they do and I'm just be a silly, moody cow!


Anyway, here's what else happened this week:

1. Sleepy cat purrs

Is there a sound more beautiful and comforting then that of a sleepy cat purring? It just warms my heart and makes me see that the love I think Toby has for me is not all my head. And that I'm not as crazy a cat lady as I thought after all!

2. People and deep conversations

I don't what it is but do you ever find that you have that one particular friend that you end up discussing really deep stuff with? I mean the other day my friend and I ended up having this two hour long convo about the meaning of life and I loved it! It was seriously one of the most interesting chats I've had in a long time because that sort of stuff isn't something you can talk to just anyone about.

So yeah lets all start having better conversations people because the weather and what you are having for dinner is starting to get a tad bit dull.

I mean who really cares?

3. The Relief of the Tight Taking Off Ceremony

Having spent nearly twelve years of my school life yanking up falling down tights and trying to disguise ladders and hole, it is no surprise why I have recently developed a hatred for the things. They make you itch and scratch and give you seriously bad wedgies that are a nightmare to discreetly de-wedge in public. So the relief when you get home and can whip the little shits off feels like heaven on earth!

The only good thing about them is that it covers up my hideously pale legs but still something I wonder if they are really worth it in the end. Opinions??

4. Slight ring obsession

I'm not a jewelry person. Never have been. But since being gifted my first ring (I know shocking!) back in July I've started to build up a cute little collection.

Now I always seen to have a ring or two on my fingers and it just feels weird when I don't. So yeah a bit ring obsessed here...but still not quite a fully fledged jewelry lover. Yet!

5. The warmest coat EVER!

I've had this one coat for about five years because a) I hardy ever wear it as mumma loves her indoor life during winter and b) I can't be bothered to go out and buy a new one. But needs must when the weather has taken a freakishly cold turn and standing at the bus stop in a hoodie is just not adequate warmth anymore.

So can you believe it that the first shop I went into I found this little beauty. And let me tell you if there was a contest for The Warmest Coat this coat would win by a mile!

6. Winter duvet time

When this heffalup comes out the cupboard it's defo autumn. It's so so so cosy and warm. The only trouble is it makes getting up for 6th form at half six in the morning even more of a struggle than it was before! You really don't want to be climbing out of that warm little cocoon any time soon, let me tell you that now.

How was your week?
Love Beth xx



  1. That ring is so pretty! I can also totally relate to the warm duvet thing, I love m winter quilt more than summer x


  2. Everyone has writers block from time to time so don't worry, you're not alone! I feel so weird if I don't wear my rings. I have four in total which I wear daily and three of them are from Pandora, they're just so adorable! I love that coat too, it looks super cosy!x

    1. It's just sometimes hard when you convince yourself that you are alone in all this, forgetting that there is this mass of lovely people like you who read what I produce xx

  3. I'm glad that even though you said you were struggling with the weather, writers block... you still wrote this amazing post! Which reminds me, I created this 'Reasons to Smile' challenge, where bloggers can blog about what made them smile that day. If they're busy or something, they can write the points down each day and compile it for the week (something like that).
    It'll be cool if you checked it out!

    1. Aw thank you so much for leaving this lovely comment! I will defo pop over to your blog sometime xx


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