29 Oct 2015

Getting Back To Novel Writing

As a child I was utterly obsessed with Jacqueline Wilson and her style of writing. I mean who didn't cry their eyes out at the end of My Sister Josie or wasn't touched by poor Tracey Beaker's attempt to find a forever home? Jacqueline was the first person to teach me that life wasn't always sunshine and rainbows and that sometimes kids have to deal with pretty hard stuff and wowww my life is effing amazing right now compared to Dixie's in The Diamond Girls whose mum is currently making out her new baby sister to be a boy!

I must have spent countless hours writing away in a notebook, trying to create a world just as good as hers. For some reason quite a few of those early stories always included talking animals! I'm slightly ashamed to admit that the majority of my birthday wishes were to own a talking animal but as you probably guessed that never come true.

When I got my first laptop at the age of eleven, writing basically took over my life. But in a good way...if something taking over your life could ever be a good thing! My only regret is that I didn't keep them all safe so I could read them now.

I guess when I first started blogging it was a whole new way of writing that I hadn't come across before. I mean being able to share my words, rather than keeping them hidden in a notebook was a dream come true! I got completely distracted from my first love as the reality of owning a slice of the interweb, learning to use social media in a way I never had before and essentially chatting about what I did yesterday, dawned on me. Within a few days I had well and truly fallen head over heels in love with blogging. No doubt about it.

But then I realized that I was starting to miss story writing like you miss good chocolate when you go abroad because it never ever ever tastes like the chocolate you get in the UK. Like what is up what that?

Anyway, my creative juices were drying up and dwindling away before my very eyes. And for somebody who has always loved English at school and was one of those kids that the teachers adored because I was the only one there with enough brain capacity for a bit of imagination, the drama was real!

So yeah I am currently in the process of planning a novel. A PROPER FRICKIN' FICTIONAL BOOK PEOPLE!  Okay the characters are a bit scratchy at the moment and the plot at bit wishy-washy, but I'm getting there. And loving every moment. Yes, I've now made my life ten times harder as I try to juggle blogging, writing and my offline life but if mums with a full time job and six kids can do, so can I!

Maybe this story will just end up like all the other stories I've written- in the bin! Maybe not. But what's the point in having these dreams if you never even try to fulfill them just once?

How you ever wanted to write a book or maybe you are more of a short story type of person? Let me know in the comments.

Love Beth xx


  1. I cried my eyes out at the end of My Sister Josie. I loved Jacqueline's books!xxx

    1. I know! I was just not expecting that to be in a children's book.

  2. I was exactly the same when I was younger but slowly I lost that inspiration along the way. I've just bought a creative writing book in the hope that it'll help bring that inspiration back. I've tried several times to write a full book but I really struggle, so I think I'm more of a short story kinda gal. Good luck with your writing!xx

    1. I struggle as well. I've written a very short book of about 150 pages but I'm aiming for a lot more if I can find the time to sit and write it as well as writing here x

  3. I'm studying English and Creative Writing at Uni and I'd love to be a published author one day! Like you, I love Jacqueline Wilson, she is the reason I want to become a author! We've had to do short stories up until now and I haven't gotten along with them, but this year I'm doing a Writing The Novel course and I'm loving it!! Keep going with your dreams, you never know what it can turn into :) xx

    Katie @ lifeof-a-daydreamer.blogspot.com/

    1. Aw! Those courses sound like my dream. Maybe I might consider talking them at uni. Who knows? xx


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