31 Oct 2015

Spooks & Screams From The Blogosphere #2

 I'm not gunna lie, I freaking love Halloween! Of course it kind of sucks that my invitations for about a dozen halloween parties ended up getting lost in the post because duh Royal Mail sucks even more. I had my costume ready and everything!

A legitimate story right there people...

Even so that won't stop me from decorating the house up to it's nine with bushes covered in cobwebs (uhmm cotton wool!), skeletons floating down from the windows on fishing line and DANGER DO NOT CROSS tape draped just above everywhere. The looks on the kids faces when they walk past makes those 10 minutes spent up a set of step ladders very rewarding indeed!

And it isn't just my household which is in the Halloween spirit (please lets just forget about these people!) the whole flippin' blogosphere is in the spooky spirit too! Who knew Halloween was a guilty pleasure of so many people?

So to spread a little blogging love this October I've put together a few of my fav posts from some pretty special bloggers:

-The Blogger's Bookshelf's top five spooky reads for Halloween 

-Bloo's scary doll obsession  and her halloween buns 

- Zoe's look at the new 2015 Lush Halloween Products 

-Danielle is totally my kind of gal with her Halloween celebrations for non-party people

- Claire's a lifetime of costumes for some future inspiration

-Jemma's Halloween edition of her Friday Five 

-Rihanna's amazing skull makeup 

Have you written any spectacular halloween posts this year? Leave your links below!


  1. Your nails look awesome and this is also a lovely thing to do! I love discovering new blogs and I think the people who share blogs are so lovely (like yourself!) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. Aw thank you so much! I think that it is really important to share the love sometimes xx

  3. Oh my I do love your nails! So wish I could've seen your house - sounds fab!! (And yes too early to switch Christmas lights on!)

    1. Ah thank you! I think its good to get in the Halloween spirit and let out your ghostly side x


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