15 Oct 2015

The Honest Truth About Driving

Next July I will be able to start driving and I am so flippin' excited. I mean hello freedom here I come! The idea of not having to ask somebody to give me a lift or just jumping in a car and driving wherever I want to sounds like pure heaven. However is it just me or does the prospect of being in control of a car completely terrify you? I've already had a tiny taste of what it's like to drive and I can tell you it's no easy feat. Add alcohol, drugs, mobile phones and speeding on top of indicating, accelerating, breaking, gear changing and you can see quite clearly how easily accidents on the road can happen.

Let me throw some statistics at ya'll:

One in four young drivers crash within two years of passing their test

Every day on British roads, 19 young people under 25 are killed or seriously injured in cars

One in three drivers who die on the road every year are under 25 

If you crash at 30mph and a person in the backseat is not wearing a seat belt, they will be thrown forward with the force of a charging rhino. 

Despite only making up 1.5% of UK licence holders, 40% of all those involved in car accidents were Newly Qualified Drivers 

When you see a car accident on the road (other than getting seriously peed that you had been waiting in traffic for the past 3 hours so you've missed your hair appointment) you never really pay much attention to it. But the fact is we need to start paying attention. We can't keep hiding our heads in the sand anymore because these statistics are pretty shocking.

Something has to be done!

This there where The Honest Truth campaign comes in. It is a wonderful little campaign that I was introduced to for young people. It was set up following a tragic collision in South Devon which claimed the lives of three teenagers in order to try and prevent the same thing happening again. It also focuses on the shocking effects of not wearing a seat belt, driving under the influence of drink or drugs, speeding and much more.

The fact is people can bang on to you about not drink driving and wearing your seat belt until they are blue in the face, but it only takes one small mistakes for you or somebody else to put their life at risk. Just look at James or Jade or Tom for example. 

Their stories are just utterly heartbreaking and one of the reasons why I wanted to post this today was not to upset anybody or put you off driving, but to show how a small change could actually save your life. That we need to think, before we act. That as a driver we have a huge responsibly to drive safety so not to harm anybody else. 

Maybe you know somebody who has been involved in a road traffic accident? Maybe you don't. But it can still happen to anyone and at any moment. And maybe now you might be a lil' bit more cautious next time you jump into a vehicle. Or maybe you won't.

I just hope that, for your friends and your family's sake, you won't become one of those statistics.

So please lovely people do drive carefully, be alert, be aware and most of all take care of yourself.

Love Beth xx


  1. This is a lovely post! I could start to drive at the end of this year, but I am in no rush at all. I would worry that while driving the only thing that would go through my head when i am driving, would be ' I am going to crash' Driving is expensive and although it may not seem it because you are not paying for a bus/train ticket every day I reckon the prices would be similar or more for driving x


  2. I feel your pain! Driving is ridiculously expensive, especially for NQD where car insurance is almost double the price of the car.


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