29 Nov 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

This week has been a bloody busy week with lots of deadlines to meet, fifty million exams to revise for and just general work that has torn me away from my social life! At the moment the TV is my best friend thanks to programmes like I'm A Celebrity, The X Factor, The Apprentice, The Hunt and amazing new police drama Cuffs.

I've been eager to do a bit a baking but just haven't got around to it yet. Next week maybe?

Anyway here's what else happened this week:

1. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 

Me and make-up have a love hate relationship. I'm constantly spending money of the stuff because hey who doesn't wanna look banging, but I seriously need to attended make-up classes or something as I'm terrible at applying it. There is just so many different brands, products and colours to choose from that I never know really what to pick. You can't even seem to rely on the adverts because the weightless-flawless-perfection foundation they are talking about is so heavy and cakey it makes you feel like you can't even move your face!

However I saw this concealer  reviewed on a blog and as I am desperately in need of something (anything!!) to cover up these awful teenage spots, I just went for it. Turns out that, for once, I actually made a good decision. The 'fair' colour matches my pale skin perfectly and blends well to cover the spots- although not as well as I would have wanted but beggars can't be chooser!

2. The First Frost Of Winter

On Monday I climbed out of bed, pulled on this sexy little beast  and headed out at to catch the 7.34am bus. I am mostly defiantly NOT a morning person so having to be awake, let alone dressed and standing at a bus stop by this time every morning is not fun. But it is getting a little easier now when all I have to do is step outside my front door (which I have a very strange urge to paint bright blue!) and I come face to face with the most beautiful morning ever. There was that wintry chill in the air that just bearable, spider webs covered in dew which instantly reminded me of that book Charlotte's Web and grass that crunched with frost under my shoes. I'm just kicking myself for leaving my camera and phone at home!

So yeah, Winter is coming people and for the first time ever I actually can't wait. Autumn was so last season- pun very much intended!

3. Hustle and bustle of Home 

Sometimes I wish I could just pack my bag and move into my own place so I could do whatever the f I like. But then other times I really love having my family around me. It is just eerily quiet when nobody else is home and I know when I eventually do leave home, I will miss the hustle and bustle of people coming and going. I'll also miss the babe that is my memory foam mattress but that's another story!

4. I went to see Mockingjay Part Two and OMFFFFG! 

The fact that I saw it at the cinema a few days ago, had a dream about it last night and still squeal like a little girl when I think of Peeta Malark aka my future husband (I know he's a fictional character but a girl can dream!) definitely says something. I mean I don't even know where to start, it was just so flipping fantastic and action packed and emotional and my fav character died and OMG it was the last film ever! What am I going to do with my life now?

I know, I'll just re read the books again for like the millionth time and spend my weekends searching youtube for interviews and backstage gossip!

Don't judge :)

5. Three weeks to Christmas baby! 

I can't contain my excitement. And, like the amazing person I am, I have done all my Christmas present shopping already. Last year I ended up running around like a mad woman a few days before the big day picking up presents that I had forgotten to get, but this time I'm super organised. You best be too because I swear Christmas seems to creep up on you out of nowhere! Like woooah, Santa you better slow down that sleigh of yours otherwise I'll swap your reindeer's water for my secret stash of voddie and see how fast they get here then!

6. You beautiful people

I don't think a lot of bloggers out rightly thank their following, which is obviously wrong because they are the reason you are where you are today. So I wanted to dedicate this Smile to you guys who even though I haven't been blogging much recently and missed out this post last weekend, have still been tuning in daily. My following has even increased this week without me getting my laptop out once, which is amazing! So thank you beautiful beautiful people and here's me sending you lots of love.

Until next week,
Beth xx

15 Nov 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

This week has been one of those long weeks where the whole time I have been counting down the days until the weekend. For a long time it looked like it wasn't going to come around at all and that we would forever be stuck scrolling through pages of TGIF images on Instagram. But as always, the weekend did finally come. Cue not waking up until lunchtime for a good old brunch, snuggling under a duvet in your PJs watching films, drinking cup after cup of tea until you really gotta go pee and just generally living the high life. I mean what else are weekends for?

Unfortunately this weekend didn't quite go to plan, as most of you are probably aware. Of course I try to keep this place as a happy retreat from the world but I thought it best to not hide away from such a terrible thing that has happened. For Friday 13th's curse seem to really come true as the news of the Paris terrorist attack swept across our TV screens. It's such an awful thing that its getting to the point where I'm terrified to even leave the house, because no where, not even a nightclub, is safe from these people. I'm just glad that people are taking time out to pay tribute the victims of this attack and I really really hope that nothing ever happens like this again!

In other news, here's what has made me smile this week:

1. The Hunger Games!

I literally cannot contain my excitement that Mockingjay Part 2 is out in cinemas next Thursday. I just recently finished reading the book for the millionth time and still I always turn into a big, fat blubbering mess by the end of it. The whole story line is amazing, the characters I have just completely fallen in love with and even now just thinking about it I can't help letting out a little squeal of excitement. And I can't believe I'm even going to say this but...I think...that Hunger Games is better than Harry Potter. Shoot me now! But I just think the moral and the emotion behind the story is so much deeper than a boy whose parents have died. Don't get me wrong, I adore Harry Potter but Hunger Games just has something about it that I can't stop thinking about. Not the mention the fact that when a certain character die and I legit cried more than when Dobby did!

Oh and can we just spend a few moments oohing and ahhing at my fabulously long pinky finger below. No lie, I have been growing it for about two years now!

2. Steaming hot baths

The weather is most defiantly getting colder and as  my dear old Nan would say, I can feel it in my bones. So there is nothing better (sorry cake!) than running a hot bath, throwing in a Lush bath bomb and just floating. I love that bit when you put your ears underwater and it feels like you are the only person in the whole world. And it's just pure bliss!

3. Meeting old friends 

After family, friends are the next most important people in my life. And now we have all spread out all over the show, meeting up is ten times as hard. One friend, bearing in mind that we used to spend every single day together, I haven't seen in almost six months because life just always seemed to get in the way! So it was so lovely to finally catch up her and twenty six weeks worth of gossip when we out together to Joy Fook, the loveliest little Chinese restaurant I've been to. And here hoping we will see each other again before April 2016!

4. Making Instagram a Happier Place

 I have been struggling to get my blogging mojo going for a few weeks now but when I wrote a post earlier this week about making Instagram a happy place, it's finally got the ball rolling. Not only that but its made me a lot happier in my self because I am not longer torturing myself with pictures of hot girls and bloggers jet setting around the globe. If that's something you do, then pop over and have a look at the post to see how you make your own feed a happier place to be.

5. Christmas shopping!!!!

Oh it's that time of year again when everyone is racking their brain trying to think of presents to get each other that don't just consist of novelty Christmas jumpers and bars of Dairy Milk. I swear it gets harder and harder each year! Anyway, in case anybody wants to pop me a little Secret Santa gift, I've fallen in love with this mermaid necklace big time. Like who wouldn't want this beauty hanging around their neck?

6. Battle of the Christmas adverts! 

Every year it happens and every year they seem to get bigger and better. From John Lewis's Man On The Moon advert, which did make me cry a little and Sainsbury's Mog's Christmas Calamity advert. Maybe it's because I'm a crazy cat lady and a sucker for a little comedy, but Sainsbury's advert is winning for me at the moment. How about you?

Lots of love,
Beth xx

10 Nov 2015

Making Instagram A Happier Place

There has been a lot in the news recently about social media and why it's such a bad thing. From Kate Winslet banning her children from using social media and Instagram model Essena O'Neill who revealed the shocking truth behind many of her pictures.

And yeah, it's pretty shocking that we have got to a point where people are so obsessed with the image they put out online that they spend hours putting on makeup and posing just for one single selfie. 

Where less than a hundred likes is considered bad even though you probably couldn't name a hundred people that you know. 

Where people, like Essena, are getting paid to wear clothes and promote them online. 

Where we are constantly refreshing our feed every 5 seconds and hoping somebody else has liked our most recent picture, or even better commented that you are 'stunning' 'beautiful' 'perfect' etc. 

Where little girls are looking up at these scantily clad woman and aspiring to be them, forgetting that Photoshop and about 3775878 filters have been used to achieve such perfection. I mean hello, people do not look like that in real life nor do they wake up with a full face of slap on like those morning-world-I-have-just-woken-up-and-taken-a-selfie selfies seem to suggest! 

I will be the first to admit that I have on more than one occasion spent a whole afternoon girl crushing on somebodies Instagram account like you do. And yeah it's great because it fills those spare minutes you have standing at the bus stop, soaking in the bath or during TV adverts. However, Instagram is without a doubt my biggest downfall. It consumes my life to the point where I might just paint my nails or bake a cake because I need something to post. Like OMFG what if all 241 of my followers (why do I feel so bad about writing that?) simultaneously unfollow me? Not only that but it makes me feel a hundred times worse about body than I already do and somehow makes me think I have a million more flaws than everybody else in the world put together. 

Like why do I even keep logging back in?

For a while now- well as long as it took me to make a cup of tea- I have been thinking of an answer to that question. And the thing is that for every ten accounts on Instagram that make me green with jealously, there is one that inspires me with truly beautiful sunsets, quotes that are like somebody is reading my mind and snaps of gorgeous kittens asleep on beds. Accounts like Rosie's, Freya's, Bee's , Tania's, Kayley's Hannah's and many more!

These woman are the real woman of Instagram! The people we should really be aspiring to because they take bloody good pictures that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Accounts like theirs are the reason I log back in to Instagram after promising myself I never will again. 

So it got me thinking, why do I follow half the people I do when they make me feel so bad about myself? It makes literally no sense.

So today I have made a conscious decision to unfollow all my old school friends who make me feel like my life is going down the drain, celebrities who really aren't role models in the slightest (yep I'm talking to you Miley!) and those random people who just seem to appear on my list!

Now when I refresh my feed I am faced with page upon page of autumnal snaps, blooming flowers, jewelry which is to die for and cakes which are so frickin' delicious and beautiful they make you put a couple of pounds just by looking at them! Instagram for me now is no longer a place to compare myself to others and wallow in pathetic self pity, but a creative outlet and place to go for inspiration on a daily basis. And to pen a phase from the home of the mighty McFlurry: I'm Loving It!

Will you join me in making Instagram a happier place?
Love Beth xx

1 Nov 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

Afternoon November!

Does this mean it is now fully acceptable to talking about Christmas yet? Like when is okay to go out and buy a turkey? Or put your tree up? I literally have no idea...help someone!!

Anyway I was having a pretty lovely week on my half term until Wednesday came around and brought with the full force of Mother Nature. Ya know what I mean ladies? Absolute agony and we all know what thoughts are currently going through my head. On top of that, I recently wrote about getting back to novel writing and the very next day I was completely stumped about what to write. It felt like hitting a brick wall at about 100mph. No lie.

So how much of a complete and utter failer do I feel like know eh?

But with a chock-a-block week (HALLOWEEN BABY!!) you just gotta suck it and move on like only us girls can.

1. Need for speed

We had been planning to gokarting for months at the Brentwood track  when my brother dislocated his knee and could no longer go. We postponed it for a few weeks and on Friday we finally went! It's fair to say that gokarting really isn't my type of thing. I mean having to wear a dirty bin bag and massive crash helmet...ummm no thanks! And the idea of bombing around a track with fifteen other people was pretty scary stuff. But it was so so much fun. I've never screamed, laughed and cried so much in my life, I mean just look at this picture. I'm the sexy one sitting in kart number 31!!

2. Suffragette 

My lovely mum treated us to some cinema tickets to see Suffragette. And wooooah what a bloody good film it was! It didn't even matter that we were sitting in a cinema full of OAPs shouting "I remember that!" because it was such a heartbreaking and shocking film. You hear about the Suffragettes all the time but it isn't until you watch the life of a group of ordinary woman who join the campaign that you realise how much they had to endure and give up just so woman like us can vote! By the end I was crying my eyes out and still stuffing imaginary popcorn in my mouth having been too distracted by the film to realise that I had finished it about an hour ago. That's how flipping fantastic it was!

3. Chocolate Pumpkin Patch Cake! 

Nothing says Halloween like sweet treats so when I found this amazing recipe there was no stopping me! For some reason making a cake for Halloween has now become like a family tradition in this household and each year they seem to get better and better. Just look what we achieved in three hours:

4. The Golden Oldies

It's no lie that I just adore pop music and listening to the babe that is Capital Radio. But sometimes you can't beat blasting out the songs from the past and having a good old boogie in your living room. The thing about some songs is that they never get old, I mean who can resist not belting out Abba like a lunatic when it comes on the radio?

Nobody. And that is a fact!

5. Spectacular Nails 

When I get the time, I love the paint my nails just as much as any girl does. And when I have a sneaky nail polish haul, I just gotta try them out straight away! So this Halloween creation consists of Rimmel's Breakfast In Bed  and Barry M nail art pens in black and white. This was such a fun look to create and super easy too.

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I know that's only 5 but oh well!
Love Beth xx
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