20 Nov 2015

10 Christmas Present Ideas For Book Lovers

So it's only five weeks until Christmas...

And not a single one of you thought to tell me that I better start present shopping before it gets to Christmas Eve and I'm looking everywhere for the presents like a plonker, before I realise I didn't actually buy any. Ha ha, so very funny indeed!

Yesterday I had a little browse around the shops and found abso NOTHING. *Cue panic* But then I was like calm the f-down the little beauty that is the world wide web will come to your rescue Bethany! Or so I thought.

You know they say you learn something new everyday? Well, yesterday I did. And that was that it isn't the shops or the internet that is failing us during the lead up to the festive period- it's the people we are buying the presents for. They are just so god damn difficult to buy for. Like I want to buy them something they will actually like, not just a £2 block of Galaxy chocolate from Tesco, but what?

Think woman. Think!

So to help you little mince pies out (I couldn't really use pumpkins then because it's not October anymore!)  I decided to devise a little list of the best, wackiest, cutest and most perfect gifts you will find this Christmas for book lovers. Besides, who knows what book lovers like best more than a book lover herself!

You can thank me later.

1. Alice In Wonderland Print 

Another thing that is EVERYWHERE are prints. Lots of them! So when I saw this Alice In Wonderland print, I knew I had to add it to list. It has a sort of vintage feel about it with the use of the original illustrations and would look perfect on anybody's wall, framed or unframed.

We are all a little bonkers anyway. It just takes an even more bonkers person to admit it!

2. To Kill A Mockingbird Pencil Set

Harper Lee's classic novel is one of my all time favorite books and one a lot of people have read during their time at school. So why not fuel their fascination with this book by giving them this set of five #2 pencils?

It is such an unique present and one I think a lot of people would be happy to open on Christmas morning. If they aren't a TKAMB fan then there is a ton of other book inspired pencils to explore here!

3. Books Through Your Letterbox

What could be better that that? All you have to do is sign up to one these packages and each month a different book, beautifully gift wrapped, will be delivered right on to the recipient's door step. Let them know their favorite genre and authors and each package will be tailored to their needs completely.

It's so simple and easy. Perfect for those people who are always looking for new books to read and a little mystery in their life!

4. Go Away I'm Reading Mug

My kitchen cupboard is overflowing with novelty mugs and despite what my mum says, you can never really have too many mugs. They just make the world a better place.

And this mug which pretty much sums up my entire life in four words, is no exception. A hilariously funny present for the tea drinkers and the book readers alike!

5. Fairy Tale Bookends 

As soon as I saw these I turned into a excited Disney Princess obsessed eight-year-old all over again! I mean what little girl...or big girl for the matter wouldn't want to show off these amazing bookends in their bedroom?

They come in a whole show of colours and I NEED SOMEONE TO BUY ME THEM NOW!

6. A Line a Day Memory Book 

I've seen this books around and think they are just amazing. In a world of busyness and 140 Twitter characters, this is the perfect present for people who struggle to keep diaries and instead allows them to write a sentence or two each day for five whole years!

How brilliant is that, eh?

7. Wizard Of Oz Novelty Bookmark 

This Etsy shop is what dreams are made of: bookmarks, bookmarks and more bookmarks. Expect these bookmarks are bloody amazing. I've never anything like them before!

Just think back to that scene in the Wizard Of Oz where the wicked witch is trapped under Dorothy's house with her stripy tights and ruby shoes sticking out the bottom, and that's what this bookmark basically is.

The person who thought up the idea really does deserve a pat on the back!

8. Old Books Scent Soy Candle 

Everyone loves that musty, papery scent of old leather books. For me it instantly gathers up an image of a library filled floor to ceiling with volumes upon volumes of books to leaf through. So instead of going around sniffing books and looking a little strange, some genius has come up with an Old Book scented candle.

Hard to believe I know but don't knock it until you've tried it!

9. Quotation Mark Necklace 

My name is Bethany and I am a jewelry-holic!

 If you know a book lover or grammar correcting freak who is also a jewelry-holic, I suggest you think about snapping this baby up now.  The necklace comes in silver or gold and looks a lot more expensive than the price actually is.

AKA the best present like EVER!

10. 'I Like Big Books & I Cannot Lie' Tote Bag

And finally....

Tote bags are pretty much everywhere you look lately. And they become a girl's best friend (or at least a book nerd's bf) when they are paired with an hilarious bookish pun.

I really just wanna walk down the street with this bag hooked over my shoulder and see people's reaction. I'd be like "Don't tough my baby but you can get one yourself from amazon for only eleven quid!"

Who can resist a bargain buy like that?

Does this help your present buying nightmares at all?
Love Beth xx


  1. Oh I'd love to receive any one of these gifts! Love them :)
    What I find the hardest thing about buying presents for another person is that they can be so different from you and what you like is not necessary what you like.

    1. I know! My friends are so difficult to buy for that I end up just giving them the money and saying buy what you like, because that's better than getting them something they won't like x


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