1 Nov 2015

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

Afternoon November!

Does this mean it is now fully acceptable to talking about Christmas yet? Like when is okay to go out and buy a turkey? Or put your tree up? I literally have no idea...help someone!!

Anyway I was having a pretty lovely week on my half term until Wednesday came around and brought with the full force of Mother Nature. Ya know what I mean ladies? Absolute agony and we all know what thoughts are currently going through my head. On top of that, I recently wrote about getting back to novel writing and the very next day I was completely stumped about what to write. It felt like hitting a brick wall at about 100mph. No lie.

So how much of a complete and utter failer do I feel like know eh?

But with a chock-a-block week (HALLOWEEN BABY!!) you just gotta suck it and move on like only us girls can.

1. Need for speed

We had been planning to gokarting for months at the Brentwood track  when my brother dislocated his knee and could no longer go. We postponed it for a few weeks and on Friday we finally went! It's fair to say that gokarting really isn't my type of thing. I mean having to wear a dirty bin bag and massive crash helmet...ummm no thanks! And the idea of bombing around a track with fifteen other people was pretty scary stuff. But it was so so much fun. I've never screamed, laughed and cried so much in my life, I mean just look at this picture. I'm the sexy one sitting in kart number 31!!

2. Suffragette 

My lovely mum treated us to some cinema tickets to see Suffragette. And wooooah what a bloody good film it was! It didn't even matter that we were sitting in a cinema full of OAPs shouting "I remember that!" because it was such a heartbreaking and shocking film. You hear about the Suffragettes all the time but it isn't until you watch the life of a group of ordinary woman who join the campaign that you realise how much they had to endure and give up just so woman like us can vote! By the end I was crying my eyes out and still stuffing imaginary popcorn in my mouth having been too distracted by the film to realise that I had finished it about an hour ago. That's how flipping fantastic it was!

3. Chocolate Pumpkin Patch Cake! 

Nothing says Halloween like sweet treats so when I found this amazing recipe there was no stopping me! For some reason making a cake for Halloween has now become like a family tradition in this household and each year they seem to get better and better. Just look what we achieved in three hours:

4. The Golden Oldies

It's no lie that I just adore pop music and listening to the babe that is Capital Radio. But sometimes you can't beat blasting out the songs from the past and having a good old boogie in your living room. The thing about some songs is that they never get old, I mean who can resist not belting out Abba like a lunatic when it comes on the radio?

Nobody. And that is a fact!

5. Spectacular Nails 

When I get the time, I love the paint my nails just as much as any girl does. And when I have a sneaky nail polish haul, I just gotta try them out straight away! So this Halloween creation consists of Rimmel's Breakfast In Bed  and Barry M nail art pens in black and white. This was such a fun look to create and super easy too.

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I know that's only 5 but oh well!
Love Beth xx


  1. Ooo karting! I'm proper crap at it but it's fun huh?! Loving the pumpkin patch cake!

    1. Ah same! I got told off because I was going too slow but hey ho it's a good laugh x


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