28 Dec 2015

The Meaning Of Christmas & Beyond

Before you click away, I'm not about to recount the story of Jesus's birth for the zillion time this month!

That's not to say I'm not Christian because technically I am- I was christened, went to Sunday school (only because I got bored of listening to the vicar but still!) and went to church parade with the brownies. But I'm not partially religious or nonreligious. I'm one those strange undecided people you'll find sitting on your garden fence, differing and ummm-ing and Ahh-ing about everything.


But personally, I just think it would be wrong and largely arrogant to assume we know everything there is the know about the world around us when scientists have probably discovered a dozen new wonders just in the time it took you to turn on {insert whatever gadget you are on} and read up to this point. So how can we definitely say without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus didn't exists or that heaven isn't real? We can't.

Anyway, the meaning of Christmas:

Always family! Not presents or Christmas TV or those beautiful little creations that are the one and only sausages wrapped in bacon. It's about meeting up with long lost relatives, sitting around a table, playing charades and gossiping to ours hearts content. Okay....sometimes it doesn't quite work out that way, Christmas can be stressful, tiring and a bit of a nightmare.

Take our Christmas Day this year for example:

My younger brother got an Xbox One- long story short it took us over seven hours, bucket loads of frustration and was therefore the worst £270 we had ever spent. Then while dishing up Christmas dinner there was a silly argument because somebody had more potatoes that somebody else. And then my dear old Grandad proceeded to eat a lovely fruit and nut infested Christmas pudding only to lick the bowl out and tell us "oh by the way doctor says I have a nut allergy"....some hours later we were knee deep in half digested Christmas dinner and hydrochloric acid.


Funny enough the days after Christmas had all blown over and it was just the four of us, five including the cat, was so much better. We didn't have the stress, the high expectation and the thought that Christmas had to be THE perfect day. Because it wasn't. It was possibly the worst day in a long time.

But why does Christmas have to be the only time we talk to distance relatives? Why does it have to be the only time we all sit and eat dinner at a proper table? Or belt out songs at the top of our voices even though none of us can sing? Or give each other presents and say how much we love them and hug them and say thank you? Why only on 25th December?

Why not every day?

So for 2016, the only new years resolution any of us should be keeping is to try to make everyday like Christmas Day. To eat whatever we want, to laugh, to sing, to smile, to relax with family, to appreciate everything and to have a bloody good time!

I'm no Scrooge, but really if you think about it Christmas is overrated anyway.

It's just one day in 365 days. Why should those other 364 days be any different?

Ya get me?
Love Beth xx

13 Dec 2015

A Lilttle Life Update

I'm a bit bored stuck indoors as the rain falls outside my window. I was meant to walk to Tesco pick up the last few Christmas bits but I can't find my damn umbrella and mumma ain't getting this newly straightened hair wet.  No way!

Winter sucks.

So I thought instead I would just write a little rambly-type post since I didn't think everything I wanted to talk about would fit in with the rigid structure of my normal 6 Things posts.

Anyway this week has been a bit of weird one, I've felt a bit emotional and overwhelmed by like everything- at one point I found myself getting super stressed out about simply ordering my lunch in a cafe. I'm getting freaked out by the future like having to leave home and go to university even though its two whole years away! I find myself counting down the birthdays, the Christmases and the Easters I have left sleeping in my own bed. Starting to think about how I'm going to introduce myself to my flat mates and how I'm going to tell them that I would much rather slug out in my PJs watching a film than go nightclubbing.

And it's driving me around the bend! Like wtf is even wrong with me?

But things have started to look up for me now we have put the Christmas decorations up. I love nothing better than snuggling up with a good book beside the Christmas tree and it's flashing lights. The tinsel draped over my mirror makes me smile every time I look in it because when I'm putting my makeup on I'm like hey lets stop stressing about spots because it's Christmas baby and I'm pretty sure Santa couldn't care less how my face looks.

On a side note does anybody else think that the idea of an old guy, essentially breaking into your house and leaving you stuff while you sleep is a bit creepy? Anyone? Okay just me...

On a side side note I'm currently slightly concerned that I'm on naughty list this year since I accidentally stepped on and crushed a poor little snail this morning. I didn't apologize to it after I'd scrapped its guts off my shoe but I don't think it heard me, Oopsy!

Also on Friday it was my Mum's birthday so that improved my general mood a lot as well. I spent the whole day jamming out to Ministry Of Sound like a boss and watching Velociraptors eat the hell out of each other and the poor people who had been feeding them in Jurassic World. You would have thought they had learnt their lesson by now but noooo!

So yeah all in all a good Friday evening I'd say.

Now I'm going to love you and leave so I can get back to writing my book. Yeah, yeah I know a sixteen year old writing a book but honestly it's good stuff! A bit of fantasy, romance and a whole lot of entertaining action. If you like Hunger Games, Divergent....that sort of stuff but with a little more meat then you'll really like what I'm writing now!

I've always wanted to be an author but you can't just sit there and expect a fully written, edited book to land on your lap out of nowhere. You actually have to spend time working for it. So that's what I'm doing!

In all fairness it might never be finished or seen by anyone but myself, yet there is a little part of that me gets excited when I finish writing a chapter, when I come up with a cracking good sentence or surprising plot twist. It's so different from blogging and in a way I find myself enjoying it more. There is no time restraints, nobody is sat at home watching for the publish button to be hit and nobody expects it to be the next Jane Eyre- heck I think they probably expect it be utter crap.

I'm excited about proving them wrong and currently enjoying writing purely for myself and myself only.

How are you lot?
Love Beth xx

10 Dec 2015

7 Christmas Present Ideas For Animal Lovers

For some reason I have become really addicted to reading and writing these types of posts. It gives me a good excuse to spend hours surfing the web because "HEY! I'm trying to save the world from horrible Christmas gifts one post at a time, so could you please put the dinner in the oven for me?"

Works every time!

I also think it's wrong and super lazy to buy presents based on gender. Like seriously, I have a million and one different bottles of unopened bubble bath and cheap make up at home, don't you have anything a bit more original to give me? This is where this post and my other one with presents for book lovers, comes in. Consider your Christmas present for those animal freaks people in your life done and dusted all in one place- how nice am I?

1. Adorable Dachshund Planter 

I'm like an old man in the sense that I love a bit of gardening, but sometimes I don't have the time to do it. Instead I like to fill my house to the brim with flowers and plants- I read once that having plants in the house is good for you for something (don't quote me on it!). So why don't you snap up this cute little Dachshund planter for your animal mad relative or friend that comes lined and ready to fill with whatever plants they want?

It pretty Instagram worthy as well.

2. Kitten Candle Holders 

Not only are we a nation of dog lovers but 8 million of us in the UK (thanks Google!) are meowing mad about cats too. Also I am yet to come across a woman who doesn't own a least one candle, even if they have tucked it away to use for a 'special' occasion. This present combines both these things into one smoking hot Cat Candle Holder that would make a great present for any crazy cat lady that you might know.

3. Squirrel Snack Bowl 

If you are still struggling to find the perfect gift for your pot-bellied animal mad Dad, Uncle, Granddad, Bf, Hubby etc in your life, then look no further! This hand carved wooden squirrel is a perfect table decoration and doubles up as snack bowl for all theirs nuts and other midnight snacks. It is so adorable and I don't care if it's from the Presents For Men website, somebody best buy it for me pronto!

4. Animal Hanging Slate Quote 

Quotes are everywhere at the moment. Like seriously everywhere. I'm staring at one right now! However when it's written on a beautiful hand crafted piece of slate, for use indoors and outdoors, it just adds that extra touch. This quote reads:

'Without my pets, my wallet would be full, my house would be clean, but my heart would be empty'

And OMFG it so true that I almost cried with happiness when I read it because it makes all that dead mouse blood and dirty paw prints seem worth it and yeah, my heart would be so so empty without that little furry face poking out of boxes and that meow waking me at 2am in the morning!

5. Bespoke Pet Portraits 

I've also wanted to get a sketch done of my pets because duh it combines the two things I love best in the world: animals and art! So I searched the internet and this beautiful, personal illustration service was by far the best- plus 5% of the money is donated to Battersea Dogs and Cat Home. You can choose from a variety of different backgrounds and they hand draw all sorts of different animals, just send them a picture and the artists will get to work a bit like Santa's elf's in their workshops!

I just think it would be the perfect gift for any pet lover. And yeah I may or may not have just persuaded myself to order one of Toby. Sorry bank balance!

I don't know about you lot but I love nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa beside the flashing Christmas tree with a hot water bottle on my lap. People have got it into their heads (just like they have got it into their heads that being alone automatically makes you lonely!) that hot water bottles are for incontinent old grannies who can't regulate their own body temperature. But they really aren't! So what better present could you give this winter than an animal hot water bottle? 

This time 100% of the money goes to international wildlife charity The Born Free Foundation so while you are keeping warm, you're also saving animals lives at the some time! How fantastic is that? Also if you are interested, take a look around the rest of their shop for all your Christmas cards and stocking filler needs.  

What says Merry Christmas more than the gift of yet another mug to add to somebodies collection? I've said it before and I'll say it again: YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY MUGS! They are just the bee's knees in my opinion...do people even use that phrase anymore? Who cares I'm gunna get it treading people! 

Anyway. Mugs.

Funny animal related mugs actually. Great idea for a good old laugh on Christmas day. And if I had a dog, I'm pretty sure this would be true because well, everyone loves me best. 

Joking! Or am I?

Make sure you read my Christmas present ideas for book lovers here if you haven't already!

Love Beth xx

6 Dec 2015

Why It's Okay To Be Alone

Somehow as a society we have got it into our heads that we have to surround ourselves with people and their senseless chatter 24/7. When did it become so socially unacceptable to go to the cinema alone? To eat in a restaurant with no one sitting across from you. To book a holiday for one. To sit next to nothing but your bag on the bus or to sit down on a park bench in the middle of nowhere and just read (FIY reading is flippin' cool!).

What the hell is wrong with that?

Just because people are alone doesn't mean they are lonely.

I'm totally happy in my own company, but when I'm not it's because there is that fear that I'm being judged by everyone around me. Are they sitting there whispering about me? Are they calling me a freak? A loner? Friendless? And it bloody well winds me up.

I just feel like jumping up and giving them a good shake while reeling off a list of my friends' names and all the social events I've ever been to. I want to tell that I'm being an independent person, who unlike them, can do things on her own without a trail of people following after her.

That as statistics show, pretty much 50% of the world are introverts who have learnt that teamwork doesn't always make the dream work and that two heads aren't always better than one.

That if we were meant to be with somebody all the flipping time, we would have been born with a friend attached to our hip!

I mean I'm pretty sure that there are times when even THE sassy boo that is, Beyonce is alone and if she can be satisfied with just her and own sense of humor for company, so can we all!

So yeah, next time you see somebody sitting/standing alone, please don't just assume they are lonely and need a massive bear hug or something. Maybe it's you who needs the hug and a shout in the ear hole to say "Hey! Get your face out that girl's bum and go stare out that window for a bit"

What's the point in having that cute little voice in our head that chats away to us all day if we just ignore it? They say it's perfectly normal to talk to yourself- you are only crazy if you talk back!

 So come on, lets all get lost in our own brains wherever we might be at this exact moment in time. Tune out all that noise around you. The cat can wait to be fed later, your not their servant (okay maybe you are!) and just listen to that voice. You'll be amazed what you learn about yourself.

See, it's not so bad being alone is it? If you start to feel judged by anyone...well, you've been gifted with those fingers on the ends of your hands. Use 'em!

Love Beth xx

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