13 Dec 2015

A Lilttle Life Update

I'm a bit bored stuck indoors as the rain falls outside my window. I was meant to walk to Tesco pick up the last few Christmas bits but I can't find my damn umbrella and mumma ain't getting this newly straightened hair wet.  No way!

Winter sucks.

So I thought instead I would just write a little rambly-type post since I didn't think everything I wanted to talk about would fit in with the rigid structure of my normal 6 Things posts.

Anyway this week has been a bit of weird one, I've felt a bit emotional and overwhelmed by like everything- at one point I found myself getting super stressed out about simply ordering my lunch in a cafe. I'm getting freaked out by the future like having to leave home and go to university even though its two whole years away! I find myself counting down the birthdays, the Christmases and the Easters I have left sleeping in my own bed. Starting to think about how I'm going to introduce myself to my flat mates and how I'm going to tell them that I would much rather slug out in my PJs watching a film than go nightclubbing.

And it's driving me around the bend! Like wtf is even wrong with me?

But things have started to look up for me now we have put the Christmas decorations up. I love nothing better than snuggling up with a good book beside the Christmas tree and it's flashing lights. The tinsel draped over my mirror makes me smile every time I look in it because when I'm putting my makeup on I'm like hey lets stop stressing about spots because it's Christmas baby and I'm pretty sure Santa couldn't care less how my face looks.

On a side note does anybody else think that the idea of an old guy, essentially breaking into your house and leaving you stuff while you sleep is a bit creepy? Anyone? Okay just me...

On a side side note I'm currently slightly concerned that I'm on naughty list this year since I accidentally stepped on and crushed a poor little snail this morning. I didn't apologize to it after I'd scrapped its guts off my shoe but I don't think it heard me, Oopsy!

Also on Friday it was my Mum's birthday so that improved my general mood a lot as well. I spent the whole day jamming out to Ministry Of Sound like a boss and watching Velociraptors eat the hell out of each other and the poor people who had been feeding them in Jurassic World. You would have thought they had learnt their lesson by now but noooo!

So yeah all in all a good Friday evening I'd say.

Now I'm going to love you and leave so I can get back to writing my book. Yeah, yeah I know a sixteen year old writing a book but honestly it's good stuff! A bit of fantasy, romance and a whole lot of entertaining action. If you like Hunger Games, Divergent....that sort of stuff but with a little more meat then you'll really like what I'm writing now!

I've always wanted to be an author but you can't just sit there and expect a fully written, edited book to land on your lap out of nowhere. You actually have to spend time working for it. So that's what I'm doing!

In all fairness it might never be finished or seen by anyone but myself, yet there is a little part of that me gets excited when I finish writing a chapter, when I come up with a cracking good sentence or surprising plot twist. It's so different from blogging and in a way I find myself enjoying it more. There is no time restraints, nobody is sat at home watching for the publish button to be hit and nobody expects it to be the next Jane Eyre- heck I think they probably expect it be utter crap.

I'm excited about proving them wrong and currently enjoying writing purely for myself and myself only.

How are you lot?
Love Beth xx


  1. Lovely post beth! It doesn't matter how old you are if writing a book is something you are passionate about you should carry on! In regards to worrying about uni I am in the extact same boat! I worry about it everyday, I over think every little detail down to what if my room mates make fun of me because I would want to a lot of cleaning etc. It's such an over whelming prospect! Don't worry you are not weird!


    1. It's just so stressful and scary so it is good to know that I am not the only one feeling like this! Thank you Nicole xx


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