28 Dec 2015

The Meaning Of Christmas & Beyond

Before you click away, I'm not about to recount the story of Jesus's birth for the zillion time this month!

That's not to say I'm not Christian because technically I am- I was christened, went to Sunday school (only because I got bored of listening to the vicar but still!) and went to church parade with the brownies. But I'm not partially religious or nonreligious. I'm one those strange undecided people you'll find sitting on your garden fence, differing and ummm-ing and Ahh-ing about everything.


But personally, I just think it would be wrong and largely arrogant to assume we know everything there is the know about the world around us when scientists have probably discovered a dozen new wonders just in the time it took you to turn on {insert whatever gadget you are on} and read up to this point. So how can we definitely say without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus didn't exists or that heaven isn't real? We can't.

Anyway, the meaning of Christmas:

Always family! Not presents or Christmas TV or those beautiful little creations that are the one and only sausages wrapped in bacon. It's about meeting up with long lost relatives, sitting around a table, playing charades and gossiping to ours hearts content. Okay....sometimes it doesn't quite work out that way, Christmas can be stressful, tiring and a bit of a nightmare.

Take our Christmas Day this year for example:

My younger brother got an Xbox One- long story short it took us over seven hours, bucket loads of frustration and was therefore the worst £270 we had ever spent. Then while dishing up Christmas dinner there was a silly argument because somebody had more potatoes that somebody else. And then my dear old Grandad proceeded to eat a lovely fruit and nut infested Christmas pudding only to lick the bowl out and tell us "oh by the way doctor says I have a nut allergy"....some hours later we were knee deep in half digested Christmas dinner and hydrochloric acid.


Funny enough the days after Christmas had all blown over and it was just the four of us, five including the cat, was so much better. We didn't have the stress, the high expectation and the thought that Christmas had to be THE perfect day. Because it wasn't. It was possibly the worst day in a long time.

But why does Christmas have to be the only time we talk to distance relatives? Why does it have to be the only time we all sit and eat dinner at a proper table? Or belt out songs at the top of our voices even though none of us can sing? Or give each other presents and say how much we love them and hug them and say thank you? Why only on 25th December?

Why not every day?

So for 2016, the only new years resolution any of us should be keeping is to try to make everyday like Christmas Day. To eat whatever we want, to laugh, to sing, to smile, to relax with family, to appreciate everything and to have a bloody good time!

I'm no Scrooge, but really if you think about it Christmas is overrated anyway.

It's just one day in 365 days. Why should those other 364 days be any different?

Ya get me?
Love Beth xx


  1. I really agree with you. Why should you only sit together with family on Christmas day. You should always show your family and friends you love them! :) But the period before Christmas with all the lights and Christmas trees is also a period I love very much. Happy New Year, Isabella x


    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who agrees with this! Happy New Year to you too x


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